Steeplechase Tips


Hi I am currently a DIII freshman runner being thrown in the steeplechase with some good coaching behind it. Just finished my first steeple workout and find that my only problem is using the same lead leg for every hurdle. Mentally I try to switch lead legs but it just messes up my fluidity over the hurdles and steps when I do. I was wondering if it is okay to use the same lead leg for the whole race and if anyone had any tips for me? Thanks!


I would recommend learning how to become more proficient with your non dominant lead leg. There are just too many situations - running in a larger pack, not adjusting for a barrier in time, etc., that make it really difficult to only use one lead leg the entire race. I put in a lot of time working on my non dominant leg. It was uncomfortable and awkward but usually my second steeple of my season was 20s faster than my first just from becoming more comfortable using both legs. Also, make sure you are attacking each barrier - I would try to pick up speed just a touch before every barrier, especially before the water put.




Pascal Dobert is Evan Jager’s coach and was a 2000 Olympian. He had thorough core exercising routines to supplement his running.


There are a number of videos to go through and gain a window into what he advises runners of all levels. Before Pascal was a coach at Bowerman he would run clinics at hospitals and running shops introducing much of the same techniques he does to advanced runners. He and this era at Wisconsin (Downin(s) in particular) were proponents of the core routines and pull ups being the ultimate difference makers in their running."pascal+dobert"&tbm=vid


Quigley also has a decent repository of videos probably influenced by Pascal at some point.