Statewide Decree of Unification and Leadership


In the name of all that is spiffy, I declare that this forum board shall be recognized here on as the Grand Republic of Michigan. I, Grand Jedi Master Spifficus, shall lead this wondrous unity to the dawning of a new golden age filled with Pokemon, Dave Wing, smoothies, and of course, running! Though my number of posts may be small, my love for Michigan is greatly vast indeed! People of Michigan, let us work together to create the greatest state board on all of tracktalk!!!

Viva La Michigan!!!





This is happening. Stop trying to fight it.


You love smoothies and Michigan.

I’m in.

Not willing to give up all my power, however, I must receive some sort of title. I can’t think of anything creative at the moment.


I like it, I’ll come up with a few ideas and you can pick whichever one you like best or make your own, whatever you wanna do.

And that’s the beauty of Michigan :wink:


Doesn’t Dyenimator still control Michigan? and if not I am willing to fight for control of Michigan as I will be heading there next year and have far greater connection to the state.


Absolutely not. Michigan is not yours to take. As I already stated, Michigan is heading towards a new golden age and I have been graciously honored with the task of leading it. Besides, you’ve tried to make land claims in other states (all of which have failed) and yet you never post anything else on that board. Your love for Michigan is empty, shrouded by your greed for territory. Take your selfish desires and begone!



Lolz! This made me chuckle. Partially because of its witty response but mostly because its an old black man with a beard that looks like a white man’s nutsack on his chin. Okay BONK, you can stay :slight_smile:


Stop being a chubs poser. So far all of the attention you have gotten is because your constantly making an ass of yourself. Be your own person and stop acting like you know what goes on here when your new.

I dont mean to be a dick about it, but you need to dial it down.




Well aren’t you just a bucket o’ sunshine and rainbows? I am definitely not a chubs poser, and you are the last person who should be accusing me of such a thing seeing as how you follow and reply to nearly all of his posts. You can call me whatever you like, but I know for a fact that I am no chubs wannabe like yourself. Making a land claim does not constitute for posing as chubs. You and many others have made plenty of your own, it was not invented by chubs. And Im pretty sure you were absolutely intending to be a dick if you are going to call me a poser, tell me I’m making an ass out of myself, and claiming that I have no idea what goes on here. Regardless of how good it makes you feel, attempting to prey upon people who are relatively new and act like you are above them because you have simply been around longer only makes YOU look like an ass. I know you have your little crush on chubs and I think its cute, I won’t give away your secret. I don’t mean to be a dick or anything… but you need to go cool off buddy.

Also, please attempt to use the grammatically correct form of words such as “you’re” when you are insulting me. It gives me the illusion that you are somewhat literate and makes the pain of disappointing you a little less overwhelming.


if you knew what was going on here you would not be a grammar nazi.

I don’t recommend getting your panties in a bunch over every little thing.


It’s cute. And when you use an ellipse, remember to put a space between each of the dots or you simply are not using proper form. Please attempt to use the grammatically correct form of words when insulting others, especially when the reason you are insulting these people is because of poor grammar.


Then I would recommend you try to do the same thing my friend.

“Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” John 8:7


Aww see? Chubs to the rescue! So sweet.

And you can blame Ms. Jakubas for that one hahahaha :wink:


Now that the state is up in chaos, I will sweep in and steal the power while everyone is distracted, muahahaha.


Aha! Caught ya’ red handed! Lol

This made me chuckle though, a perfect way to ease such fierce tension :slight_smile:


I am not feeling any tension. Insulting someone’s grammar does not make one a better poster. :wink:

Other people don’t think so either since your neg reps don’t do anything.:eek:


Do you have nothing better to do with your time than to sit around here and think of things to insult me for? Your persistence is incredibly admirable, I don’t know how you manage to ridicule someone you consider to be a n00b so consistently. It is truly a grand accomplishment indeed. You should be proud.


dumb argument is dumb.