Ok, I’ll get it started. Are the good old days gone? This thread (which has not existed until I hit “submit new thread” would have been 3 or 4 pages long by now.

I have an outside chance to be up there, and if I can, I’m pretty pumped about the boys AAA 1600. 11 guys within 5 seconds of each other:eek: That will be one heck of a final lap. Who goes out early to make sure it does not end up in a kick? Who holds back knowing they can take the field in the last 200? Or do all 11 go balls to the walls and the final 100m becomes the ugliest/survival of the fittest finish of all time, with guys laying all over the place just a few short feet past the finish line?

This I do know: Iberg and Dixon ran a pedestrian first 200m in their sectional, both taking the lead shortly after, coming through 400m in 70.xx (4:40 pace). The pace slowly ramped up… and then…POW!!! The final 1000m was ridiculous. It was like one long kick to the finish. I was shocked that they handled that steep of a pace, without either one breaking. It makes me wonder which one of them can hold that pace longer… and who in TN will stay with that???

I sure hope I can make it for that final.


Well, Dan, the only issue I see is whether anyone will go out with Baker and McElroy. I think they’ll be fast enough on the front that the last 100 isn’t going to decide a whole lot.

Baker is unequivocally the most impressive male runner I’ve seen in Tennessee since Bumbi.

Boys 100 should be the best sprint race our state has ever seen.


Baker is a big boy. I doubt he is worried about whether he has a kick or not. That’s why I think someone is going to push the pace to keep it from coming to that. So I guess the real question is, how many of these guys can go under that 4:20 mark fairly easy? I know the two I mentioned previously probably can (assuming the pace is not a crawl early on), Baker and McElroy, anyone else?

That 100m will be awesome. Unfortunately, I think many will just see it as another close 100m race and not pay attention that you had a hand full of guys around the 10.5 mark.


Interesting that it wasn’t the last 100 that decided it–it was the last 200. McElroy made a move that sealed it just like that. Great mile race.


I did not get to go, but that must have been an impressive finish. Looks like there were plenty in contention. How about the entire field going sub 10:00 in the 3200? Great to see. That must have been an exciting finish as well.



Surprise: Dixon (at least for me). I had absolutely no clue who this kid was before the 3200. I dont know if its because im so fair removed from high school running… or this kid really DID come out of no mans land. Big ups to him.

Also how deep the 3200 and 1600 was.


I completely agree. Dixon was a total surprise. I had no clue who he was until he won. Apparently his pr before this race was 9:41


But he had a 4:25 to his credit already.

And conditions were perfect–the best ever for a boy’s 3200. Too bad TSSAA doesn’t see fit to give girls the same opportunity for good conditions and runs them Wednesday in the late afternoon.


I know Alden pretty well. He’s been on the scene, was All-State in XC this year, but his 9:19 was a surprise. He’s fully capable, but just knowing how he approaches races, he surley decided to go with a different approach for that one. It paid off too. Now maybe he will start racing like he is capable of racing.


The best case scenario would be running the girls’ 3200 Wednesday night and boys’ 3200 Thursday night. It would be tough fitting in 3 10 minute races into Thursday’s schedule, but would still be worth it


So you’d rather take your chances on nasty conditions in order to have an extra 12 hours to recover for a second or third race?


The last two years I ran conditions were better for boys prelims than they were in the morning.


Qfe. State two mile in 09’ and 10’ the conditions in the morning were terrible compared to the rest of the day.


I don’t disagree with that. Conditions this year for the Thursday and Friday segments of the meet were the best I’ve ever seen–for distance runners.

What about the Sectional 3200 last year at DB? Possibly the worst ever–at 5:00 in the afternoon, just like the girls’ 3200 at State.


My car said 93 degrees when we were driving home an hour later.
Plus driving all the way to Kingsport two straight days sucked. The regional 3200 is fine in the morning