State Results


Ferlic and Perham in the first race


Adam Zutz wins AA


And wayzata


Class A Boys’ Results:

Class A Girls’ Results:


Eden Prairie would have been an easy 2nd in this race. Getting 2,3,8 out of top 3!! Would’ve ended up with roughly about 100 points.

Lusignan 4th!! Great to see him race to his full potential :slight_smile:

WOW!! Cambridge-Isanti has two runners get DQ’d and only 4 runners cross finish line. Is this the first time a state entrant team has not placed?


really intelligent post, I’m glad I said this!


Hauger wins AA with Eden Prairie in 1st with a 69.

Results here: MSHSL Girls Class AA Championships


Great job Andover! 5th place, and Nicole Heitzmann 4th overall!

EDIT: And the Andover guys for 6th. Makes me proud.


Yeah - what the heck happened to Cambridge-Isanti?


A rapid look, taking top 5 and pushing through 7, if you score the 1st 5 from 6AA and 6-10 as another team, the 6-10 team wins the tiebreaker with 4AA. :eek:

Congrats to Coach Miles and the Trojans!!

6AA - 33
5AA - 91 wins tiebreaker
3AA - 91
4AA - 96
2AA - 125
8AA - 167
1AA - 177
7AA - 197


Boy’s AA


Not one sections top 5 score beat the score of Wayzata… Boo yah!!!


Scored in the same format Wayzata scores 129.


If you look at team scoring the 1st five from 6AA scored 41 & the 1st five from 3AA scored 50.


Oh yes, I forgot about that… oops! nice correction sir


Moorhead? Seriously? Never would have guessed that in a million years. That said, I can’t help but feel sorry for Lukas Gemar. After winning state as a sophomore, and the first sophomore to do so in 30 years, he ends up 32nd and 17th the next two years, and has very little success in track. A very interesting legacy, but overall, still one to be very proud of.

And does anyone know why the Cambridge-Isanti runners were DQ’ed? I know one runner (Sam Westerberg) didn’t finish because he was trying to run through a stress fracture, but, seriously, what did their other two runners do to merit DQ’ing the last-place finishers? Seriously, they were the two last finishers to cross the line, and they had been last all race.

First mile was slow again (5:04), but not as slow as last year (5:09).

More to say later once I do some real number crunching…


I figured that. I seriously just could not have imagined this team being better than all the other sections in the state. Maybe sometime in the future, there will be a team that good, but this is definitely not that team


Staples-Motley 1997- 35 points. Domination.
Stillwater 1997- 45 points. Domination.
Staples-Motley 1998- 30 points. Domination.
Marshall 2004- 64 points. Fairly certain they beat every section.
Willmar 2006- 65 points. Was Burnsville in 6AA in 2006?

First 4teams that have done this to all the respective sections.
Willmar was close, but I believe 6AA beat them.


The caimbridge runners were DQ’d for holding hands as they crossed the line. Intentional contact with another runner is illegal. At least that’s what I think happend


Stillwater won nationals in 1997 I believe.


Bartnik’s injury must’ve really cost him some training, seeing his face at 4k working harder than I’ve ever seen it at the end of a 5k was a sad sight. It sucks that it has to end this way but a third place finish is still unbelievably solid.

Moorhead was a huge surprise but I was happy to see them up there, as well as Rosemount. Two very deserving teams.

EDIT: Not to mention Wayzata who killed it as usual.