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Based on the information provided via the RaceDay Widget (which I am not too fond of) the D3 Boys team results would be Darlington 50 Boscobel 99 Chequamegon 132

Full hytek results:


Well, that race update idea didn’t work too well as far as I can tell.


D1 Boys


I have to say that I am glad Chandler Diffee didn’t repeat as state champion and extremely happy that Ryan Kromer won. He has looked great these past few weeks. Any word on what happened to Carl Hirsch?


Hirsch was with the lead group going into the last mile, and he completely ran out of gas. Ended up getting passed by over 20 kids. Great race by Kromer – well deserved win!!


Hirsch with about a 6:15 last 1.1


McCoy vs. Kromer, who wins?

I wasn’t there, but it looks like McCoy ran almost the entire race solo while Kromer had people through 2 mile. I would have to go with McCoy, but only if he breaks Kromer early.


In my personal opinion…Hirsch did not enter todays race with a race plan that a favorite should have and for the type of race that fits him. He didn’t lead for one step during the race today. When he runs confident and takes a strong command early like he has done at Parkside this year, sectionals last week, and others, he runs very well. He is talented enough where I think if he would have gone out and dictated the race and make guys stay with him, the results are much different. It’s much harder, especially for some to try to wait and cover moves, rather than having someone cover yours. Kromer made the perfect move coming out of two miles to the long down hill. Hirsch tried to and did cover his move, at was 1 second behind at 4k. The thing is covering that move at the toughest point in the course, when Kromer was dictating leaded to, at least in my opinion, Hirsch blowing up, more mentally than physical I think. His last 1k was approximately 3:50 and looked mentally defeated coming in. We’ll find out soon enough though when Foot Locker Midwest takes place. Either way, the state of Wisconsin will be very well represented.


Nobody has mentioned this yet, which is surprising, but Ryan Nameth absolutely destroyed for a sophomore today. Ran a 15:37, beat Diffee, Torres, and Gomoll, just to name a few. He beat the next sophomore, Daniel LaLuzerne, who also had a very good race, by 21 seconds. In my mind, although Kromer won the race and ran won of the gutsiest races I have ever seen, and deserves tremendous respect for that, it was Nameth would might have made the biggest statement, definitely the most underrated one.


First off, did you really just say you’re glad Diffee didn’t win? Show some respect. Don’t get me wrong, great for Kromer. Good to see him coming around like that. But to say you’re GLAD to see Diffee lose? Cmon.
There’s no doubt in my mind McCoy takes the race if it was one big race. I don’t think anyone can hang with McCoy. He is YET to be tested. He is the clear #1 IMO.


Does anyone know the last time a D2 team had 5 runners break 17? I went back as far as 1999, and it doesn’t look like anybody did it, but results before then are difficult to come by.

Wisconsin Lutheran came within a couple seconds of doing it last year. Port Washington also came close a few years ago.


I have given plenty of support to Chandler Diffee in the past but that will be left in the past. Ryan Kromer deserved this win.


Congrats to Madtown boys for a well deserved win and to Ryan Kromer who posted a 4th all time best at the Ridges. Watch out for Nameth, who joins some pretty elite company with a “top 10” all time showing at the Ridges. A great showing for the 100th anniversary.


All or nothing mindset. Hopefully they rep well at the regional meets–looking forward to seeing some Wisconsin names on the Nationals roster.


Interesting note- first time since 2002 that 3 sophomores finished in the top 15 of the D1 race. Outstanding.


Was Hirsch sick?

I just saw some pictures of the race and it looks like he was dressed for the Mt. Everest Marathon (yes, there is such a race).

Seriously, it was stunning to see. That didn’t raise eyebrows of people who were there?


Was Hirsch sick?

I just saw some pictures of the race and it looks like he was dressed for the Mt. Everest Marathon (yes, there is such a race).

Seriously, it was stunning to see. That didn’t raise eyebrows of people who were there?

I can’t answer your first question but I feel like Hirsch often wears a hat, gloves, and the white underarmour. Didn’t seem unusual to me, especially because it was the coldest race of the year.


I heard there was a long delay because of frost? How cold was it that morning in Rapids? Was the ground wet from the frost melting after the delay? Times seemed pretty quick, I’m guessing the cold weather created a firm running surface.