State Relays


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

No Seeds ? Field Events? who is in what?


No seeds because cards with times are filled out that day


D1 PV was held Indoors last night…any results?
I heard it got over very late.


indoors, thats probally a good thing, turning in cards?

back to the hand method? it was cool that the field events got recognition, now back to the old days…field events get respect, forget what team it was, but listed their shirts as field and track.


Guys pv went:

  1. New Bedford
  2. Westford Academy
  3. Andover
  4. Acton Boxborough
    NH Durfee

Girls went:

  1. Acton Boxborough
  2. Newton South
  3. Andover
  4. Westford Academy (I think)
    5/6 Chelmsford/Billerica. I’m not sure which beat which. It’s possible one of them beat Westford, too, I’m not really sure.

It was indoors, and it started almost an hour late, because the mats had to be moved indoors. It ended around 9:50-ish.


Results in DI

1- Newton North

1- Newton North
2- Andover
3- Weymouth


In D1 girls, there were more teams scoring in the PV relay than in the LJ or Jav relays. I find that interesting.


Due only to the opressive no measure lines the MSTCA decided to institute this season. They will likely measure from now on.


Yeah, I know. Those were ridiculous. It was more making a point about the measure lines than saying anything about pole vault. Pole vault is just usually the standard for fewest scoring teams.


perhaps we need to institute a 9’ minimum vault then :wink:

minimums were severe
couple years in a row there’ve been teams with two 18’ LJ girls
18 + 18 + 13’ 5 = 3rd place then but no place now

not sure why they can’t measure one jump/throw +/or publicly flog a coach who brings a 20’ jav girl


completely agree!

I’d include that the MSTCA meets need to be run better and more accurately by meet management (meet directors & officials) at least at the div. 2 meet

two examples to make my point

[]Tewksbury girls SP relay threw for a combined distance of over 90’…yet the results show 57’xx"…which is mathematically impossible if everyone hit the 25’ minimum! This happened to the Natick Discus girls as well…thankfully their coach was able to make the change before medals were awarded & team scores were finalized.
]D2 4 x 1600m was actually a 1 x mile & 3 x 1600m! One official made a great effort to try to change it for the boys races insued…but as soon as he left to talk with the meet director others determined that the race should start. When the official came back to tell the others the race was already over 400m in (not sure what he was told).[/LIST]I will point out that the Meet Director was AWESOME to talk to about this. A true pro! He was more than willing to drop what he had to do to hear my complaint and talk with me about it. I truly appreciate this. It didn’t change the fact that things were done wrong. But it did give me hope that things will be better.

All that being said, I expected more this year.


Totally agree…so many teams ND because of not reaching the legal mark…in D3 i think only 8 teams actually had distances in the JAV…this is insane…did that really save us that much time? I agree that coaches shouldn’t be bringing girls that throw 15’ in the shot and guys that jump 13’, but seriously how often does that happen? this new rule seemed to negatively effect the meet…we are trying to grow our sport, not minimize its numbers.


I know of at least one example in the Div. 1 meet. One of the Newton North boys Discus throwers had a 39.96 toss (announced), which was a 5 foot PR (apprx. 131’ 1"), but on the sheet the official wrote 31.96m (around a 26’ difference!), most likely confusing the meter side with the feet side. When we brought this to his attention, he simply told us that we couldn’t go by the lines to tell how far a throw is. Thankfully the same thrower came back to throw 39.94 on his very next throw, so in the end it didn’t make much of a difference.


In D1 pole vault, AB and NS girls tied for height. the heights were then converted to metric, added, and converted back to feet and inches, and suddenly AB won and NS was second. why does this happen?


Too much math…imagine how much longer the meets would have lasted if the officials had to add inches and fraction of inches, and feet and convert inches to feet?


I’m sure it helps a lot with throws and horizontal jumps, and maybe high jump, but the pole vault? It’s competed in increments of half a foot. It would actually be easier to add it in feet and inches.


I have watched these long winded meets for some years now and find them less than enjoyable. The officials and mstca leaders try their best to put on good meets. It works a bit better indoors, but turns to bedlam outdoors.

The answer is quite simple. Don’t have these long, long, long meets outdoors. They do nothing for our sport, but discourage.

Solution. Run smaller, cross divisional invitationals that last less than 4 hours total, boys and girls. In NJ (go ahead and make fun) we used to have county meets where teams that usually do not compete against each other did at that particular meet. It was fun and reduced the number of teams participating. Why can’t we try something like that up here? Relays are fun but don’t have to last 8 hours. Here are some names: Suffolk County Relays; Norfolk County Relays; Bristol County Relays. You can divide the scoring into large school and small school so more schools have a shot at winning a title, if so desired.

I think smaller meets with fresh competition would be a plus for MA track and field.


Metric to English conversions arenever neat, so when you say a kid jumped 4’9, you might be saying 4’8 3/4, while when you say she jumped 4’11, it might be 4’11 1/8. That’s why the places change based on who clears what height.

EG- AB’s 7.79 (25’6.75) edged NS’s 7.78 (25’6.25) even though when the English was added up (they must have had different kids clear different heights) it seemed to come out even.


^ that’s bogus though because they do the heights in feet and inches so it would add up to the same in feet and inches, but when you convert it, it doesnt convert perfectly to meters and the officials either rounded down or up, giving us flawed results. so obviously when you convert it back it will be slightly off. not really fair, seems like they cheated somebody out of their medals unless they actually did the heights in metric which i know in high school they do not do


For the Steele Relays in Western Mass this year we used metric in all field events except for pole vault. We kept that at 6 inch increments.