State Predictions 2011


Post your predictions for whatever you like for state 2011. One thing to definetely consider is the weather. As of now it’s supposed to be 94 on friday and 86 tuesday. could make for some tough running. I wonder if they’d move some distance events to later in the day, thats pretty oppressive heat with humidity.




Going out on a limb here, but Dezerea Bryant takes the girls 100 and 200


I think I am only going to make 1 prediction this year - Jeff Pigg in the 800. This guy is fast and experienced and seems to be peaking at just right the time. 1:53 + to win.

Oh wait, 1 more prediction - Alejandro Cano Telles in the 3200 will definitely have the hairiest legs in the field.


i’m also going to go out on a limb and say Allie Woodward takes the 1600 and 3200 in D2. and Molly Seidel will do the same in D3.



[]1:53.5, Derek Finsterwalder, La Crosse Central
]1:54.2, Tommy Meister, Janesville Craig
[]1:54.4, Will Ottow, La Crosse Central
]1:54.8, Jeff Pigg, Nicolet
[]1:55.6, Doug Mueller, Homestead
]1:56.1, James Saxton, La Crosse Central (Slow Heat Champion)[/LIST]1600m:

[]4:14.5, Russ Sandvold, Arrowhead
]4:15.1, Tommy Meister, Janesville Craig
[]4:16.1, Dan Schubert, Appleton East
]4:16.5, Zach Hansen, Kenosha Tremper
[]4:17.7, Sam Hacker, Madison West
]4:18.1, Brad Woodford, Waukesha South[/LIST]Ben Bierman 4:18.5, Caleb Afall 4:19.5


[]9:06.6, Dan Schubert, Appleton East
]9:10.4, Russ Sandvold, Arrowhead
[]9:11.1, Charlie Thompson, Madison West
]9:13.7, Sam Hacker, Madison West
[]9:18.1, Nathan Routhier, Homestead
]9:21.1, Josiah Swanson, Fond du Lac[/LIST]Kyle Staven 9:24, Carl Hirsch 9:25, Aaron Derner 9:26, Jake Dirkmann 9:27, Kyle Lewin 9:29

4x800m Relay:

[]7:45.5, La Crosse Central
]7:50.1, Arrowhead
[]7:53.6, Madison La Follette
]7:53.8, Homestead
[]7:57.3, Madison West
]7:58.1, Brookfield East[/LIST]


Tough to imagine 11 guys breaking 9:30 in 90 degree heat on Friday. I’m guessing it will be a slow starting race like last year and the winning time will be something around 9:20.


D3 3200

  1. Jack Taylor 9:35?
  2. Andres Tineo Paz
  3. Kyle Reisman
  4. Tyson Miehe
  5. Andrew Studinski
  6. Joe Weber


Division 3 3200

  1. Andres Tineo Paz 9:45
  2. Jack Taylor 9:47
  3. Tyson Miehe 9:55
  4. Kyle Reisman 9:55.5
  5. Matt Zuelke 9:58
  6. Jordan Yenter 10:02


Division 1: 800

  1. Jeff Pigg 1:53.7
  2. Tommy Meister 1:54.3
  3. Doug Mueller 1:55.6
  4. Derek Finsterwalder 1:55.7
  5. Brad Money 1:55.9
  6. William Ottow 1:56.0

Division 1: 1600

  1. Tommy Meister 4:16.8
  2. Dan Schubert 4:17.1
  3. Russ Sandvold 4:17.2
  4. Sam Hacker 4:17.9
  5. Sam Penzenstadler 4:19.5
  6. Ben Bierman 4:19.8

Division 1: 3200

  1. Dan Schubert (SR) 9:15.4
  2. Russ Sandvold (JR) 9:16.3
  3. Sam Hacker (SR) 9:18.7
  4. Charlie Thompson (SR) 9:22.9
  5. Nathan Routhier (SR) 9:24.5
  6. Aaron Derner (SR) 9:25.6
    Temps will affect times slightly all weekend on the longer events. I have a feeling the mile will turn out like '08 and go out a tad slow. The 3200 will come down to a faster last 1000. And the 800 is up for grabs.


Your 1600 predictions are too slow and your 3200 predictions are too fast.


First of all Zen, thanks for really going out on a limb and making some strong predictions w/ places and times. I would love to do the same thing, but as a coach, I don’t want my runners seeing any of my predictions, so I’ll keep most places to myself.

But since you were the first to predict, you do get the honor of being critiqued, with all due respect of course.

800: I like the predictions, although I think Meister will take it in 1:54low because of the heat.

1600: I can’t see Sandvold winning after a hard double the day before (assuming he runs the 4x800), and I also can’t see Schubert in the top 3 given the speed of the 3 top Juniors. My take, it will come down to a kick between Meister and Hansen because they will more fresh than the guys doubling back from the 3200 the night before; sub 4:14 for both in a pick 'em!

3200: Winning time in the high 9:teens w/ a big negative split given the heat/humidity and fact that the top guys are also running the 1600. Schubert FTW in 9:17 followed closely by the same guys you got!

4x800: It’s going to be a scortcher! Not time wise, weather wise:eek: . La Crosse Central FTW but not under 7:50. I’ll go w/ 7:51.

Looking forward to it. Bring your sunscreen and gatoraide!


my bad. i forgot these were called predictions


I’m going with the 4x800 seeing a time similar to 07’ when Arrowhead ran 7:54 and didn’t podium. I’m going 7:55-56 for 7th and 7:58 to score. A winning time in the 745-747 range.


Gonna refrain from posting any detailed picks because of the coaching aspect. Heat index as of now is being listed as 106. Anything over 800m on friday is gonna be a rough one. I will post Andres for the win in the 3200m being he’s from a climate that is always hot and humid and goes back every summer. The hotter it gets for him, the better his chances become.


that could be a factor but remember, he has lived with 6 months of cold just like the rest of us. fact is, it will be a fun race to watch


With this line of thought, then I am picking my guy Alejandro Cano Telles for the win in the D1 3200. He grew up in El Salvador for the first 13 years of his life. I know that he only has a PR of 9:46 but every pure Wisconsin boy is going to melt in that heat and run over 30 seconds slower. 9:46 will be the winning time.:slight_smile: :cool:


There was an inside joke that went along with this response, but I do think there is a big edge for him with the heat and humidity, having grown up with it…be it a big part mentally. Makes me think of the movie Cool Runnings after they get off the airplane…Good luck to everyone this weekend.


I understand. :slight_smile: Some runners do handle the heat better than others. I wasnt trying to be negatively sarcastic about your prediction. Your heat index idea just got me thinking about my own runner and how he will handle it. That is if it really does get to be that hot.


Well, I’m convinced. Next year my entire distance squad will live in El Salvador the entire winter to prepare for potential hot conditions! :cool: