State Meet Videos


The entire 2014 state track meet was available online, but I can’t seem to find it. It was even broken down by event. I want to say it was on this website:

If the races are no longer available here, does anyone have links to the distance races last year? I’ve found the fast heats of the D1 boys 4x8, 1600, and 800 on You Tube; however, I am specifically looking for the slow heat of the D1 boys 4x8 last year.

I figured this could be a thread for people to post links to any and all state meet race videos. Got one for Solinsky breaking 9 in the deuce? Post it. Got some Gabe Jennings footage? Post it. A little Steve Markson hop and bop? Post it. Something with Andrew Perkins owning the rubber? You get the idea.

It would be great to have a collection for all of us to view.


I dug deep for your relay but could only find day 1 (Friday June 6th, 2014) of the state meet in the fox sports wisconsin snappytv archives.

As far as the link you provided, apparently there are videos available but you have to pay first. So good luck with that. Everywhere you turn on the internet these days people want their money. Imagine that!

(narrow the dates in the search area)


The nfhs link Zen provided works for me with very good quality. You have to register and give them an email address, but it doesn’t cost anything.

I had previously registered for this site, which I don’t remember doing :cool: , so I don’t know if access is immediate.


Well look at that. It worked without paying :cool:



I pulled all the bookmarks in 2013 as well if you people are interested.


Holy Moly! That NFHS site has all of the State Meets going back to 2009.