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Live results thru 2 miles… then lets not post finish for 1/2 hour…So much for “Live” results!




Ok… so am I the only one who can see the D3 individual results before D1?


Looks like if Muskego had another quarter mile in this race they could have pressed sun prarie maybe even beaten them as their girls were coming. Sun prarie didn’t look like a national qualifier today but it’s just one day and they won, both teams should run at the heartland to see if they can qualify but didn’t expect Muskego to be this close to sun prarie with actually a better number 6 and 7 runner. Nice peaking Muskego. Congrats to sun prarie and sippy though. Brooke jaworski medaled but she wasn’t really in the race she ran to medal and placed 9th but a 12:23 2 mile split wasn’t exactly flying. I’m assuming she had a better final 400 meters than any girl in the field to run down her medal.


Iron sheik out in 5 flat, Bosley and meinke out in 5:10 in 36th and 37th?? Did they fall or is this a strategy?? Not sure I get it, iron sheik up by 10 seconds at the 2 mile we shall see how it finishes, congrats to Bosley for a great last mile and to iron sheik for having the guts to make it a race. Unless meinke fell have zero idea what that strategy was after running great from the lead all year. For that matter i thought Bosley strategy stunk too but he made it work. If your really a national caliber runner why give someone a shot by running 35th at the mile 10 seconds off the lead?? Meinke strategy I don’t get it. Unless they fell. They let the field have a shot and meinke couldn’t close the deal. Bosley better not go out that slow for nationals qualifying. Congrats to giftos for a great comeback he will be tough next year and healthy. Middleton is good team but without radar back in form not sure if they can make nationals or not as their 4 and 5 runners were not good enough today for the next level


Bosley Schiek Ellenberg Meienke 15:39 then mid 40s next 3


1-2-3 for the Big Eight + Monona Grove which is about 1.2 miles from La Follette who won Midwest at the height of their season.

I have to say that if any year crafts an argument about needing a better model to get kids to state it is this one.


The most impressive surprise was bryan bloomquist from jainseville a nice 22nd place from a freshman I didn’t know he was that good beat a lot of good runners and much better than schmooor and Holmes from last year, in fact he beat Holmes in this race. And I just looked what place he was at the mile. 8th so he ran gutsy. Impressive freshman. Bizzare division 1 race.


@zen are you sure i saw point second?


Young Bloomquist is very impressive. Nice “runner” build, very efficient looking stride. Doesn’t really even know how good he is quite yet :joy:.

Those Craig coaches will figure out how to maximize his potential!!!


@riplips was he this competitive all season or a breakout race? Clearly going out basically as fast as 2nd place at the mile makes me think he knew he belonged


Point was 2nd. Maybe he was talking girls?


@zen I think your looking at the results from the 2 mile


Muskego was second, almost first not girls


From what I know, never really raced before this season… just appeared to get progressively better as season wore on, broke 17 at Big 8, then again at Sectionals. State was his PR. I would guess this is a similar case as Meinke… figuring out how good he is on the fly, not coming from a running background. Much better form that Meinke though!

What is even more interesting is that Craig has had some very strong individuals over the last 15 years… this kid just killed any performance Lund, Arens, Meister, Hrycay, or Farrell had as Freshman over these last 3 weeks of his freshman season!


Pttiming has the 2 mile spots listed though in the 5k results section just without the details


Ok so PT Timing has to hold the team scores. This is per a Matt “the Donkey” Polzen backed coaching advisory recommendation that the WIAA allowed through. I was looking at the ordering and it must be a lane assignment order.


I think I saw madison west around 7th if I’m not mistake


It was the 2 mile mark but a few of those teams like Madison west really faded