State Meet Darkhorses?


Any darkhorses that you think could show up in the 3200, 1600, or 800 for the state meet. someone like parker wharram last year, cause i personally didnt see him qualifying for state let alone 2 events. no offense to him or anything he definitely earned both spots. im just interested to see what people think.


The guy who got second in the 1600 at this meet…

Never would have expected that from him.

Also ran an impressive 800.


That is impressive by Dustin Johantgen, for those of you who are lazy he ran:

2 Johantgen, Dustin Maple Grove 4:35.88 4:24.91
1 Johantgen, Dustin Maple Grove 2:00.01 1:58.99

Very solid double, considering the competition in the 800 was over 1 second behind him and the time of the year (although I guess it is time for people to be rounding into some sort of form). Never heard of him before this, but that doesn’t mean he won’t surprise some people.

Is Maple Grove’s section hard to get out of like 6AA?


Other than Zach Roozen and maybe some Andover and Centennial runners, no, not really. But the last couple of years they had Braun and Dado (AND Roozen, Alex Johnson, Tyler and Conner Olson and others who either graduated or left) so it was virtually impossible.

It is worth noting Andover is a new addition to 5AA this year.

Looks like he was a low-17’s guy in CC this year and hovered around 2:00 in the 800 last year.


In what sport? Not track…
5AA is not hard to get out of like 6AA would be the answer…


Wow! I never expected a 1600 like that from him, 1:58 has been in his realm of possibility for a while, though.

Nate is a wonderman.


You’re right. My bad. I must have been thinking about how Andover moved out of 5AA in CC and must have jumped to the conclusion that they moved into 5AA in track to balance it out.

But, seriously, why is Andover in 7AA? I just picture 7AA as mainly schools from the more distant northern suburbs (not to mention Duluth), while Andover is in the same district and the same general area as Coon Rapids, Anoka, and Blaine, all of which are in 5AA.

Actually, to answer my own question, probably to add some strength and depth to a section that is otherwise fairly weak… so forget I asked…


Ah, negative on any strength consideration. It’s all about clustering the pushpins on the map once the schools above the size cutoff is established. Number of schools and co-ops in AA divide by 8 & make sure no section has more than 1 team more than any other, in A the equality in number of teams is not an issue becasue of sub-sections. A few other criteria are established and then it is all about the pins. The criteria in AA as I understand them are essentially: sections 1, 2, 7, 8, will move inward from the respective corners of the state, and Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools will for the most part not be in the same section.


Quick question because I’m having a hard time finding it. Is there a place to find the standards to race at sections, if you aren’t one of the top 2. I’m specifically looking for the girls 3200 standard.


Do you mean to qualify for state from sections after the top 2? That’s all I could guess from this. They are posted a few places, most easily on the MSHSL track site.

Girls 3200 is 11:05.46


Each section sets there own criteria. The MSHSL stepped in a couple years ago and put some definition to this after Hopkins put 4 girls in the final at the state meet. I belive some average a specific place over a number of years while others will allow you to add 1 runner if they are faster than xth place.

If your looking for Section 1AA the time is 11:53.45, & it’s 8th place over 3 years.


No I meant to be able to race at sections. I know teams are allowed to race their top 2 in each event, but they are allowed to race more if the other athletes have beaten the standard. Like how Stillwater had 3 runners in the 800 last year at sections.


That’s it! Thank you very much!


Ah, I see. Some sections still just do 3 per team, so I don’t know much about the qualifying times but I saw you got your answer. I wonder how long it’ll be until the MSHSL makes them all use the exact same system. I’m surprised it’s not already regulated like that.


TNG is correct that Hopkins in the girls 100 m (4 in state final) made the sections more uniform. Some sections only allowed 3 per event, while others allowed many more to fill lanes for prelims. IIRC Stillwater had over a half dozen in the boys 3200 one year when they were in 3AA.

Now, every section can allow 3 per event, but you can limit that if you choose. Based on the league web site, it appears only 1AA still has a time standard for the third entry. Not sure why they would do that, maybe they don’t want their meet watered down.


Ok that makes sense. I knew you couldn’t have more than 3 but I didn’t realize you could make it even more challenging than that. Seems weird to do that.


Actually I think it isn’t that uniform, 1AA’s meet manager just does a better job of getting the info out there. 3AA didn’t create any standard but asked coaches to be realistic when adding athletes. 6AA allows three but it was very rare to have more than 1 or 2 extra athletes in an event.

About 4 years ago Buffalo had 6 in the section final of the 800 and only one or two pushed it in the final. Borgy can probably tell you the year and the details.


This was the exact thought that came to my mind. This happened in 2006. I can’t remember who/what tried, I just remember a couple of them trying to box Abdi in, quite a sneaky move, but he got out and beat Heinkel. I believe they wanted Hanson/Mellon/Fourre fresh for the 4x8. I could be wrong, I just remember there was lots of smack talk going on.
Max Hanson, Jake Fourre, Raymond Heinkel, Brad Willets, David Pallsen and some freshman named Mellon. That has to be the deepest squad of 800 runners assembled? That list does not include the Greerice brothers one was a 200/400/LJ and the other primarily 300h/relays. Both of those could go under 2 minutes. They had 8 guys who could go under 2:00.
Willmar had Abdi Awale/Mustafa Yusuf in the 800. Kaafi Adeys/Mo Bedel/Mahad Hassan in 1600. That was a star studded field in the 800/1600/3200/4x4/4x8.
4x8 both squads under 7:52. I can’t remember who Buffalos anchor was, prolly Mellon, had a huge come back to win. And at state we made a mistake and changed our coaches mind on the order to put our fastest guy last, and he was so far back he didn’t stand a chance unless he split 1:47. There’s my story, if there are any errors in there feel free to comment :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, some tkyilnegr and company put up a pretty good 4x8 at state that year.


I don’t believe there’s a standard anyone has to hit to run the section meet. But like C_K said, there is a standard that needs to be run in the section meet after the top 2 places if one wants to get into the state meet.

The standards are the 3rd place time averaged from the last 5 years, if i recall correctly?


I don’t believe there’s a standard anyone has to hit to run the section meet. The typical protocal was every school got to enter two athletes, but that varied. Awhile back each section set its own rules regarding “bidding” in additional athletes, if allowed. It finally blew up, read the previous posts for some of the blantant issues that occured. MSHSL revised the rule, now no school can enter more than 3 athletes per event, section games committees are to determine the process for allowing the 3rd athlete. It still varies from coashes uses common sense, to firm standards like in 1AA.

But like C_K said, there is a standard that needs to be run in the section meet after the top 2 places if one wants to get into the state meet. This isn’t what is being discussed.

The standards are the 3rd place time averaged from the last 5 years, if i recall correctly? State standards are 5th place over 5 years.