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There are two sections in this post labeled PDF Downloads and News Gallery. Both sections contain news media from past state meets (1914, 1946-1998) and are sorted by year in ascending order. In the News Gallery, mousing over the image will reveal a date and description for the image.

A work in progress but enjoy!

PDF Downloads

1949-10-30 big eight recap
1949-11-07 racine journal times recap
1950-11-05 janesville recap of team state champs
1951-11-05 class a recap
1953-11-02 big eight champs janesville
1956-10-28 state journal results
1957-11-04 stevens point journal results cherney
1960-11-06 state journal results
1960-11-08 madison banquet photos
1961-10-29 appleton post crescent recap
1962-10-29 janesville state meet recap
1964-11-04 eau claire telegram results
1968-10-28 manitowoc recap with wisaa results
1969-11-03 manitowoc herald wisaa results
1973-10-29 manitowoc herald results
1974-10-28 wisconsin state journal wiaa wisaa results
1974-11-04 hanson wiac
1974-11-04 manitowoc cross country state meet recaps
1975-11-02 racine article angels eagles
1975-11-02 racine journal times wisaa wiaa in scoreboard
1975-11-04 sheboygan press wiaa wisaa recaps
1977-10-31 state journal wisaa results
1977-10-31 stevens point journal wisaa results
1977-11-06 racine journal times all racine county
1977-11-06 wisconsin state journal results
1978-10-29 wisconsin state journal results wisaa
1978-11-05 wisconsin state journal results
1979-10-28 wisaa state meet results
1979-11-04 wisconsin state journal boys results
1979-11-04 wisconsin state journal girls results
1980-11-02 wisconsin state journal results
1980-11-02 wisconsin state journal wisaa results
1981-11-01 wisconsin state journal results wiaa
1981-11-01 wisconsin state journal results wisaa
1982-10-31 wiaa results
1983-10-30 wiaa results
1984-10-28 wisconsin state journal wiaa results
1985-11-03 wisaa results
1985-11-10 wisconsin state journal results
1986-11-02 wisconsin state journal results
1987-11-01 wisconsin state journal results
1988-10-30 wiaa results
1989-10-28 wisconsin state journal results
1990-10-28 wisconsin state journal results
1991-11-10 snow delay results
1992-11-01 wisconsin state journal results
1993-10-31 wisaa results
1993-10-31 wisconsin state journal results
1994-10-29 wisconsin state journal results
1995-10-29 wisconsin state journal results
1996-11-03 wisaa results
1996-11-03 wisconsin state journal front page
1996-11-03 wisconsin state journal results
1997-11-02 wisaa state results in state journal scoreboard
1997-11-02 wisconsin state journal results
1998-11-01 wisconsin state journal wiaa results
1999-10-31 wisaa wiaa results in state journal

News Gallery Mousing over an image will show the year and a brief description.

   WISAA Individual and Team State Champions 1968-1999

WISAA State Meet History

This thread is the bible…thank you!


Wow Zen, you’ve outdone yourself. I can’t thank you enough for doing this.

For those viewing this thread, I reached out to Zen a few days ago to help dig up past results from the state meet (the archive on the WIAA site only goes back to 1997). For my statistical analytics class, I chose to do my final project on analyzing times from the Wisconsin State meet solely from the Ridges (from 1988-present).

Although I’m looking for the complete results, words cannot express how grateful I am that Zen was able to put this together. And the fact you did it all in less than 48 hours makes it all the more impressive.

Just wanted to say once again, thank you Zen. I really do appreciate all the time, effort, and care you put into the Wisconsin running community.



I want to thank you also. This thread brings back so many years of memories and things I forgot. It was really amazing to go through memory lane. I was smiling the whole time but I have to admit I almost shed a tear reading this. Truly amazing and thank you.


Some 1976 results to help fill the void.


Finally had a chance to sit down now that season is over to go through this in some detail. Zen, thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into this project. This is certainly a treasure, as well as a wonderful tribute to all the teams of past. I appreciate all of your efforts to promote running in our state!


Let’s get this bumped. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


You have outdone even yourself Zen. Wow. The WCCCA historian better check with you on things from now on. GREAT!


I really mean no offense by this statement but the WCCCA has a historian? They struggle with the present how can they attempt to tackle the past?