State Champion Predictions Boys A




Ferlic 1600, 3200
Jake Zebedee Pole Vault


800 - Justin Cook
1600 - Ferlic
3200 - Ferlic
4x800 - PEM


100: Taylor King, Byron (Clark is a beast and he should win in the longer sprints since he is just so much better than everyone else in them. But the field is much more open in the 100, and I’d rather lean on the side of not having him three-peat twice in a row)
200: Calvin Clark, St. Paul Humbolt
400: Calvin Clark, St. Paul Humbolt
800: Justin Cook, Jackson County Central (had a great CC season, is arguably the top returner in the 800, and would like nothing better than to cap his senior season with an individual State title)
1600: Mubarick Musa, Worthington
3200: Mason Ferlic, Mounds Park Academy (I didn’t want to open the can of worms with these two, so I just had them each repeat thier titles from last year, close as they were)
110H: Brandon Berger, Worthington (field is wide open, but Berger already has a bit of a head start, so I’m challenging him not to lose it)
300H: Sam Stokes-Cerkvenik, Virginia (even more wide open in here, and absolutely no outstanding hurdlers here. Basically a shot in the dark. In the end, I gave it to the young guy)
4x100: DeLaSalle (No particular reason, but they seem to replenish well, and no one else stands out)
4x200: Glencoe-Silver Lake (same reason as above)
4x400: Worthington (looks like they will have a pretty deep team this year in this area, so this is a bit more educated than the last two)
4x800: Perham (Close between them and PEM)
LJ: Beau Kashmark, West Central Area (Most wide open field yet. I literally picked him because I liked his name)
TJ: Jarret Imlay, LkCrystWellMem/Nicllt (Berger is the top returner, but as common as the hurdle/TJ double is, it actually is a difficult one, so I’ll go with the younger Imlay, the second-best returner, who is still a ways above the others)
HJ: Randy Juell. Redwood Valley (Again, I like the youth here. Plus, when it comes to the thigh jump, it’s hard to trust those smaller meets, so I consider him the top valid returning jump
SP: Brian Blasey, Ada-Borup
DT: Dan Wood, Pelican Rapids (almost a complete turnover here from last year)
PV: Riley Sikkink, Milaca (only 14’ vaulter coming back, and Milaca usually has strong vaulters)