Stanford 10km


Galen Rupp, Jason Hartmann, Sam Chelanga, Anthony Famiglietti, Chris Solinsky, Brent Vaughn, Tim Nelson, Patrick Smyth, Iwamizu Y. , Alistair Cragg, Boaz Cheboiywo, Scotty Bauhs, Mo Farah, Simon Bairu and Shadrack Biwott, Sean Quigley, David Jankowski, and Brett Gotcher.

Amazing field. Believe it’s at 7:15pm eastern time. Does anyone know a website that will be showing it live??
or what channel?


Flotrack looks like it has a link that will start when the meet does. Look to the right of the home page of Flotrack.


It looks like you have to pay to watch it……al-invitational

People are going to be pissed. I remember watching it last year for free…

If someone had a program (like Fastone Capture Cam 6.5, or other) they could record the ‘good’ events and post it on a non-youtube video site. Like a japanese one would be good :smiley:


They did the same thing for the other Stanford meet this year, but I got to watch it free on Flotrack somehow.


Yes I learned a bit ago that you can watch it for FREE this time as well. Just go to

Here’s what you do (go here):…an&media=125983

*Select Track & Field. Then find the Payton Jordan invite (5/1/10 - look for date). Click watch. Then you sign up for their website. After that you’ll be presented with a payment option. Choose Monthly Access, then use the following code:
(code: FREEMONTH10)
Then you should be all-set to watch. Think the 10km is around 12:45, though could be mistaken. :slight_smile:


1 Chris Solinsky Nike/Kimbia 26:59.60==AR
2 Daniel Salel Kenya 27:07.85
3 Sam Chelanga Liberty 27:08.39==CR
4 Galen Rupp Nike 27:10.74
5 Simon Bairu Nike/Kimbia 27:23.63==CanadianR
6 Chris Thompson Otc 27:29.61
7 Tim Nelson Nike/Kimbia 27:31.56
8 Robert Curtis Melbourne Tr 27:33.38
9 Kensuke Takezawa S&B 27:55.02
10 Carlos Romero Mexico 27:57.52
11 Takeshi Makabe Kanebo 27:57.53
12 Scott Bauhs Adidas 28:03.99
13 Brent Vaughn Nike/Kimbia 28:05.33
14 Boaz Cheboiywo Kimbia 28:06.60
15 Brett Gotcher Adidas 28:09.21
16 Chris Barnicle New Mexico 28:10.59
17 Andy Vernon Adidas 28:11.43
18 Shawn Forrest Melbourne Tr 28:12.48
19 Jason Hartmann Nike/Kimbia 28:25.99
20 Patrick Smyth Nike 28:33.14
21 David Jankowski Zap Fitness 28:34.27
22 Sean Quigley Puma/Kimbia 28:37.85
23 Brian Medigovich Unattached 28:40.54
24 Josh Moen Team Usa Mn/Strands 28:43.27
– Simon Ndarangu Kenya DNF
– Mathew Kisorio Kenya DNF
– Anthony Famiglietti Saucony DNF
– Alistair Cragg adidas DNF
– Mark Kenneally Unattached DNF

Solinski ran a great race ~1:57 last half NEW AR!!
Honestly did not see it coming.

Leader splits

62.8 for the leader
2:12 69.5
3:19 66.5
4:24 65.6
5:30 65.3
6:35 66.4
7:41 65.9
8:45 63.9
9:49 64.5
10:55 65.4
11:58 63.1
13:02 63.9
14:06 65.0
15:11 65.3
16:17 66.0
17:24 66.6
18:28 63.8
19:33 65.0
20:39 65.9
21:44 65.6
22:50 66.0
23:56 65.6
25:02 65.4
26:02 60.0
26:59 57.0


finish video…inksy-ar-finish


pacers were ■■■■
rupp self destructed
solinski passed him with a fire in his shoes
solinski never looked back just kept going feeding off the crows.



Originally posted by wineturtle@May 2 2010, 01:10 AM
finish video…inksy-ar-finish

HAHAHA evan jager in skinny jeans— without a doubt he completely looks like a skater, hoody, flat brim hat n all, long hair.LMAO


Solinsky did pretty well.


Originally posted by Mincus@May 2 2010, 04:12 AM
[b] pacers were ■■■■
rupp self destructed
solinski passed him with a fire in his shoes
solinski never looked back just kept going feeding off the crows.


They botched the first 800m, but the pacing was great. They gradually got them back on pace after the first 800m instead of doing it in 1 lap.


Very nice race. I have to say I am glad Flotrack was there to cover it so we could all see it for those of us not living close to the stadium. Watching that video was 28 minutes well spent…