Spring Relay Records -Which ones will fall?


I put together the 4 EMass and Central MA existing records below - I think that several records would be broken if coaches decided to “stack” a relay - Pembroke in the 4x800, 4x1600 or the DMR, Wachusett in the 4x800 or DMR, Marshfield in the 4x800, 4x1600 or DMR come to mind - I’m sure their are others - who wants to weigh in? :slight_smile:

4x400 Meter Relay
D1 - 3:24.62 Andover High School 2010
D2 - 3:25.01 Mansfield High School 2011
D3 - 3:24.63 Randolph High School 2009
D4 - 3:30.61 Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School 2009
Central MA -3:28.50 Fitchburg 1999
4x800 Meter Relay
D1 - 8:07.94 Acton-Boxborough High School 2011
D2 - 8:20.22 Oliver Ames High School 2011
D3 - 8:11.70 Bishop Feehan High School 2010
D4 - 8:22.80 Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School 2011
Central MA - 8:18.20 Wachusett 2010
4x1600 Meter Relay
D1- 17:59.18 Methuen High School 2010
D2 - 18:36.60 Oliver Ames High School 2011
D3 - 18:21.17 Pembroke High School 2011
D4 - 18:39.05 Pembroke High School 2009
Central MA – Not run
Sprint Medley Relay
D1 - 3:34.78 Newton North High School 2011
D2 - 3:33.07 Mansfield High School 2011
D3 - 3:38.03 Randolph High School 2009
D4 - 3:30.65 Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School 2009
Central MA - 3:36.50 Nashoba (2008) & Wachusett (2010)
Distance Medley Relay
D1 - 10:25.98 Wachusett Regional High School 2011
D2 - 10:35.29 Mansfield High School 2011
D3 - 10:50.81 Foxboro High School 2010
D4 - 11:02.90 Old Rochester Regional High School 2011
Central MA - 10:28.5h Nashoba 2009


i thought brookline of 2008 had the 4x1600m record

i do know that the methuen 2010 team went on to run 1743 (423 avg) at the National Championship in Greensboro and place 6th in the 4xmile.

the 1743 is the state record, although Pembroke would have broken it last year in Greensboro had the officials not miscounted the laps

as for this year, i would think Brookline, BF, Pembroke, and Lowell could all make a good run at putting 4 guys under 430 if they stack 1 team…marshfield could also probably make a run at the d2 meet with thomas & joel dropping some serious times.


I think that Methuen actually ran a 1733, which just makes the record more impressive.

The 4x8 record is vulnerable in each division, but that will come down to who stacks what.

I would love to see Hingham and Pembroke go for the D3 SMR record, and I think that a battle between Mansfield and King Phillip in the D2 SMR could lead to another record being broken.


Most of your records are incorrect. If you go to the mstca website they have all the accurate records.


Thanks for the feedback RunningRams - all of the info I provided was taken from MA Milesplit Spring Relay Overall Records - not to be confused with MSCTA All Time records! :slight_smile:


ur right, shame on me…if those 4 kids new i forgot the time they ran they would kill me…stama, jared, ben n cam—sorry guys!

it was a great race with cam hanging on for deal life in the anchor for 6th with his 427 split.

what i like about the 4xmile in Greensboro is that each person really does run a full mile and they give u an FAT split on each kid…its at 8am and its about 100 degrees


MA2010, those look like the best times from just the past 3 years. Here are the relay meet records. I might just be confused by what your saying.

B10:34.8.Needham H.S.1984
C10:37.8.Oliver Ames H.S.2000
D10:26.8*yNorwell H.S. = 10:23.5m1972

4 x 1600 m METER RELAY
A17:50.11 *Brookline H.S.2008
[FONT=Times]B18:08.0.Oliver Ames H.S.2002
[SIZE=1][FONT=Times]C18:14.7.Dedham H.S.1980
D18:21.5.East Bridgewater H.S.2002

4 x 400 m METER RELAY
A3:22.6 *Xaverian Bros. H.S.-West.2000
B3:24.1.Woburn H.S.2008
C3:24.3.Bishop Feehan H.S.-Attl.2000
D3:27.2.Dorchester H.S.1989

4 x 800 m METER RELAY
A8:03.4.Brookline H.S.2007
B8:03.4.Marshfield H.S.2004
C8:05.2.Canton H.S.1981
D7:58.5 *Weston H.S.




We’ve had trouble trying to solo that 4x mile record in the past…with Pat C out that will be difficult, but maybe some others will go down…its at pembroke so there might be extra excitement


Anybody got the old “yard” records? I think some of those might be better than this current crop of metric ones.


1 Pembroke H.S. ‘A’ 8:00.98* :smiley: :smiley:
2 Nauset Reg-Orleans ‘A’ 8:18.37

1 Hingham H.S. ‘A’ 3:28.40 4 :smiley:
2 Bishop Feehan - Attleboro ‘A’ 3:29.51 :slight_smile: 4

1 Pembroke H.S. ‘A’ 10:40.59 :slight_smile:
2 Wakefield H.S. ‘A’ 10:56.09

1 Dighton-Rehoboth Reg. HS ‘A’ 3:40.24 :slight_smile: 3
2 Medfield H.S ‘A’ 3:43.84 3


1 Medfield H.S ‘A’ 4:20.26 :slight_smile: 3
2 Bishop Feehan - Attleboro ‘A’ 4:23.31 3

1 Pembroke H.S. ‘A’ 10:02.54 :slight_smile:
2 Hingham H.S. ‘A’ 10:07.35

1 Foxborough H.S. ‘A’ 12:49.68 :smiley:
2 Bishop Feehan - Attleboro ‘A’ 12:53.76 :slight_smile:

1 Hingham H.S. ‘A’ 4:15.01 5
2 Pembroke H.S. ‘A’ 4:17.58 5 :slight_smile:

Any description for these races??:cool: