Split Tracking



Any suggestions on best way to track splits for your team during cross country races?

  • Old school stopwatch and pen/paper?
  • App on phone/tablet?
  • Other?


This is a classic from 2011 but I think it is well done. Simple and it offers a copy and paste export of the splits. I used to post splits here all the time using it.

Sample output

  Lap |   Lap Time   |  Total Time  
   1  | 00:00:25.849 | 00:00:25.849 
   2  | 00:00:24.524 | 00:00:50.373 
   3  | 00:00:24.877 | 00:01:15.250 
   4  | 00:00:24.879 | 00:01:40.129 
   5  | 00:00:29.724 | 00:02:09.853 


How does it work when you are trying to get splits for 7 runners?


Very good point, I suppose it would defeat the purpose but you could start with a chart of names by hand and assign the lap number. You probably already do some variation of this but that just really complicates the problem.

If we got people to pool money together I could build one that imports a .csv / .xls / .xlsx and then allows you to hit the split button next to the name.