Spike Collection Thread


The newest addition to my collection. Not a pair I ever imagined I’d get my hands on.


Dang nice pick up. Very jealous


Update on the collection:


A few good ones from my collection


Finally got around to taking an updated collection shot after I got everything rearranged on display instead of in a closet.


Bold man putting the Chileans to use. Always wanted to but they so good looking


This is a phenomenal collection!


Finally took the time to put everything together for a family photo series. A lot of snags off ebay and purchases from people here and picking up some on impulse - there’s a ton of shoes that don’t seem “Collection”-y but I liked them aesthetically enough to buy them. Or they were cheap somewhere and figured I could use them as a beater shoe at some point in time.

Road Flats

Non-Nike Cross Country Spikes (Used the Dirt Dogs and Saucony Shays in college)

Saucony Track Spikes

Nike Cross Country Spikes (Missing a pair of red Miler XC’s I can’t find - the Waffles, Forevers, and Kennedies were used in college)

Misc. Non-Nike Track Spikes - The Asics Japan Thunder and Turbo Phantom were workout shoes in college

Kennedies and Jasaris

Misc Nike Sprint Spikes

Brooks Track Spikes

Vics and Matumbos

Milers and Eldos

Mambas, Lanangs and Vents

And finally, the “Pride and Joy” or “Won’t Ever Sell or Trade,” which consists of some protos, some BNIB stuff, some “BN but not in a box” stuff like unused spikes of both old and new vintage, and a couple Saucony spikes on the far right that, to me, are one of a kind because I haven’t seen them anywhere other than elite use or giveaway (London Endorphins, and Elite Ballistas that the Saucony pros wore last year)

I don’t want to tally up each individual spike because it’ll be both a ton of work, but also I’m afraid of how many digits might be in the number I’ve spent over the years.


Great stuff, sometimes I wish I didn’t beat up my og mathmbo white blacks :frowning:
Also love the Jasari vent promos with gold


Your are a true addict and likely need help. Welcome to the club!:joy:


OG Vics or OG Matumbos. Who ya got?


OG VICS no question


Recent additions:

The Oregon colorway is yellow instead of volt.

Bringing back the mismatch!


Are the pins on the Oregon vics permanent? I know the OC Elite 2s were but the newer colors are not


They are perma-pins on the Oregon Vic Elite 2s as well. The manufacturing dates are about the same time as the 2017 colors.


Recent pickup: