Spike Collection Thread


That’s a streak tooling :wink:


You make an excellent point. Many of the old designs I think can be seen in future generations of shoes.


My uncle texted me this 10 minutes ago from Instagram. You’ve hit the real internet! Definitely an impressive collection.


Thanks GT,
That’s a huge compliment coming from you and your ridiculously lucky family! Patience is key!!


Hej, you deserve it! As much as patience, remember that honesty is just as significant.


Noticed that no one has posted in this thread for awhile, thought I’d throw my collection up!

USA OG Matumbos, Black/White OG Matumbos, Vent 2’s, White/Black Matumbo 3’s
Green/Blue OG Vics, Blue Oregon Project Vic 2’s, Vic Elite 2’s, Gator Skin Mambas
Victory XC, Victory XC 2’s, Victory XC 3’s, Zoom Forever
Last, some custom Saucony’s (Shay??) I won off a contest


Do the white/blk Matumbo 3s have a carbon fiber shank in them? Probably need a stock pair to compare with bend test. The white/black OG Matumbos were rumored to have one, guess we could call those the Matumbo Elite.


Those black and white OG Tumbos look awesome, man! Sweet collection.


Don’t believe they do. Was comparing them to the Victory Elites I have, couldn’t really feel the resistance from the shank in the Tumbo 3’s. Would be interesting see how those respond.


Collection progression. 5 years ago, everything sold or given away. Regret not keeping those vics

What a seller looks like. Matumbos for days



Awesome. Id kill for a pair of those red or gamma blue vic elites


Second row down, all the way on the right…are they Vic XC 3s? Really like the all white. How different do they feel from Matumbos?


Nxn victory Xc’s yah, glorious


What happened to those matumbos? One of my all time favorite colors


@jakeruncc The Vic XC 3s have a slightly thicker midsole and a different material, phylon vs cushlon–they are heavier but feel more cushioned and durable versus the Matumbos. Matumbos feel softer and lighter of course. In terms of response, they feel about the same. I think if the Matumbos had a carbon fiber shank, they would be more responsive in this comparison.

@FazBot I ran in the pair of the black/volts Matumbos, but ended up giving them to a teammate at the end of high school. The other four pairs were different sizes, just bought them and sold them to teammates for cheap (a big Ross find at the time).


Thought I’d post my collection before I start selling away some parts. Don’t have anything crazy rare, but as a high school student Ross has treated me well

Just spikes^
All my racing shoes↓


what size are these dude, could be interested


Most stuff is the equivalent to a size ten in Vic 2s


Except for the flynit racers, those are size 13


Update of my collection(Under Armour miler pro2 not pictured)