Spike Collection Thread


and that’s indeed a volt victory and volt mamba (perm spikes) with a USA liner


Count me as significantly impressed. Perhaps you’ll offer us some close-ups on the Bekeles? A grand au chapeau to you!


just out of curiosity, is there a difference between the sole of the Vent 2 and the Matumbo 1? i know the matumbo 2 changed up the sharkskin on the heel, but other than that i don’t see much of a difference. i once heard the vent used “flashlon” foam while the matumbo used phylon.


perma-pins? Although the USA Vent 2s had removables


You want me to do a similar one for racing flats?


That, my fine friend, is an unabashed “yes”.


give me some time then…
btw, recognized all the spikes in the above photo?
Also the Forever/Miler combo from UO (and a white/black Forever/Miler combo I did on ID)
Zm Victory Elite OC


The Victory series is easily my favorite:



Can you please show the bottom of all those spikes


Look up “nike zoom victory plate” on google images, it’ll give you a similar effect


DM offers
sizes are 9.5/10



A few new additions since last time.


I had this waiting for me as I arrived to The States tonight! My uncle is TOPS! All 2017 pro kit with prototype Vics.



Is your uncle adopting…?


Haven’t posted any pictures in a while so here we are. Also, I’m currently entertaining offers on the white promo OG vics. Size 8.


Those white/gold OG Vics are sensational. I would likely ask to be buried in them were they mine.


Nike London flyknit racer:



Nike Marathon Racer:



OG eldoret. The beginning of a revolution.