Spike Collection Thread


Figured id post my spike/flat collection before I sell a couple pairs. Its been fun collecting these.

Better pic of the spikes:

(missing a couple pairs of NB spikes, blue vic elites and a pair of white og matumbos)




finally getting my collection up


Man, I’ve been after that exact pair of USA OG Vics. Same size & everything :cry: Nice collection!


Quick clarifying question that someone may know the answer to. Are those USA vics? They appear to be the standard red/white/blue vics that don’t have the USA inside the shoe.


yea those are the usa ones, that released. the promo sample pair has a USA on the insole and that pair only has blue swooshes.


Thank you sir, its taken a little while to get some of these, those usa vics were on my list since day one and i finally got them a few months ago


Rebuilding my spike collection after selling most of it off, nothing close to GT or any posters here.
Top row: Victory Elite Blue/Volt, Matumbo 2 White/Blue, Victory UW
Bottom Row: Victory Elite Volt, Victory Elite Volt, Mamba Orange, Mamba Orange


What size are the uw vics


10, everything but the Blue Elites and Tumbos are size 10. Those two are 9.5 and 9


Damn if those were 9.5 or 9 id wanna be all over them


Love those purple OG Vics. Don’t ever sell those!


Was scrolling upwards a bit, gawking at all the collections that I could only dream about, and something came up. With a collection of 20+, 30+, 40+ spikes (there definitaley are some of yall who easily have that), how often does each individual pair of spikes actually get used. Like what is the point of having 10+ different colorways of Vic 2’s for example if you only realistically use 2 or 3? I get that you may want to hold on to any rarer/older stuff for collection/trading purposes, but the newer stuff? It may just my being jealous, but I can’t justify, no matter how cool they are to look at, having a collection of like 30 different spikes when I only use like 3 of them…


Found these on eBay for $25 in a 11.5. I’m a 10.5 exclusively because I have weird feet so I thought what the heck I’ll buy them just too have them. I put them on just to check and they fit perfectly. I’m really confused but I’m not complaining. Condition is really damn good too.


That’s understandable. I used to have a pretty big collection, just because I enjoyed finding rare pairs on eBay or on here. I had about 15-20 pairs, but I’ve sold them almost all off over the last 8-12 months. Left with a pretty small collection, but I really only use 2 pairs. For me, the collection was a good way to make some money. I buy cheap spikes whenever I see them and have extra money, and I sell them when things get tight or I need extra space.


can you show us those vic 3 prototypes now that they’re out?


Collections aren’t about practicality my man. I can’t tell you how often I’ve bought spikes/shoes/singlets without any intention of ever wearing them. For me its about owning a piece of history or like something cool that no one else will have or even just hey its so cheap that I can’t justify not buying it. monetarily its not the smartest thing, but hey, it makes me happy so in the end isn’t that all that matters?


It tells an old legend, that if you put all the spikes of @GThorvald one after another, would give twice the round the world.
Amazing collection.


The 10 year evolution of the current Vic Elite plate:



I still want to know what the heck those are with the split heel… and how do they feel?
Also, how are those with the full length plate? are they too aggressive?