Spike Collection Thread


No Mambatumbos? Try a bit harder next time GT :wink:


Never realized how small my collection was until I took this.


Some really great quality in there, @Matumbro . I see some nice milers, and those Ethio Vics are top shelf. I’m also a huge personal fan of the Okst Vics. GT


What are the black and red shoes in the front row, next to the black/white/volt spikes?


Look like Lt3 flats, by I’m bad at this game. GT


yep youre correct


Finally got around to copping a pair.


Wow those look good. How do they fit and feel? Worth the extra $$$ to upgrade to the Flyknit?


They rock! I’ve only worn them around and for a quick stride since I don’t have another workout until Monday but they feel responsive, comfortable, and extremely light (I’ve been using adios boosts). I had some store credit so the difference wasn’t much but I do like the flyknit because it allows you to have a snug fit without crushing your toes.


Curious to know - did you go up half a size? Or stick with your regular size?


I wear 9.5s in pegs and went with 9 in the streaks. Not sure if that would be the best move with the regular upper but it worked great with the flyknit.


Awesome to hear! You’ll have to give us a more in depth review once you’re put some good miles on them.


cleaning out the closet. so i had to take a picture.


See on ebay. A very coveted piece for collectors who can afford it:


Had to take this pic quick, otherwise I’d have arranged them a bit better/taken a better picture :sweat_smile:


Those Ethio are beautiful. Well done.



I love your wide collection on victory.


Awaiting me on my next visit to The States…



I am guessing these are customs and do not come from the factory with that plate. But please let me know if they do.


Definitely custom. They weren’t cheap, but not many good things in life are. I’m happy to give you the contact that made them were you interested. Can message me here.