Spike Collection Thread


I’m just trying to get a better look at the spike plate. It just looks different from the regular Vic 2 one.


It is. It was a prototype of the vic2/elite. GT


well they should have stopped designing at that, because it looks absolutely fantastic!


Not that dissimilar to the elite plate that ended up on the final product really.


Should add that these aren’t my spikes (not anymore at least), given that this is the collection thread.


Pity I can’t show you the vic3 prototypes. Even more sadly, this version will not ever be released. In my humble opinion, it’s light years ahead of what will be put into production. GT


Will you be able to show them once the Vic 3s are released? Would be very cool to see


Probably will hold off for awhile. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. They’re easily the best spikes I own and run in. Very springy, and great “pop”. Sort of an og mamba with a bit more cushioning. GT


So this has been a long time coming (@Colonials400 has been bugging me) . All spikes are Nike unless otherwise noted. From front to back, left to right:
2xJamaica Powercats, 2xwhite and chrome Powercats, Nike ID Powercats, white and chrome Powercats, blue Ja Flys, black Superfly R4s
OG Maxcats: white, black, red, purple, 2xsilver, gold, promo brown
Silver Celar+, 3xblue OG Celars, red Celar 2, white Celar 2, black and gold JSC, blue Asics OG Japan Lite-Ning
White Maxcat 2, black Maxcat 2, red Adidas Prime SP, yellow Adidas Prime SP, blue Mizuno Chrono Dash TT, red and silver Asics Cyber Jump Beijing, black Asics Hyper MD (my first pair of spikes, don’t judge), and some Reebok flat I used for indoor races


Cool to see a sprinter’s collection for once :sweat_smile: whose signature on the chrome and white powercats?


If I may ask just out of curiosity and some jealousy, how do you come into owning some of these unreleased/ prototype spikes?


Supposedly Carl Lewis’s. White and chrome Powercats are my favorite spikes of all time so when I can grab a pair, I do. Either I got a deal on Carl Lewis’s autograph or I paid normal price for spikes with some sharpie on them.


I like that between the maxcats and powercats you have 14 pairs of spikes with the same upper.

Some of these are old enough that no one would know what they are at most meets. You got most of the 2004 Olympic 4x4:


Patience and contacts. A good friend is also basically the only middle distance pro in my country, too. That certainly helps. GT



hold up… you know henrik ingebrigsten???


Lol no way my friends and I love Henrik! Such a beast…
It all makes sense now.


go look up henrik’s youngest brother and then hate yourself for not being faster. he is insane! also I met henrik once, he was hooking up with some chick at a bar for pretty much the entire night. cool guy though


Picked Up These today


Nightshade Pro Collection:
Vic Elite