Spike Collection Thread


Well, it has taken me a long time to get there. It’s best to become known as a very fair and honest man when purchasing or making trades. Being kind, patient, and generous you will see takes you a long way, especially for the next sale or trade. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with many of you, as well as people across the globe. There are stories behind all of them, and some it’s best I not tell from whence they came, Thomas. To be honest, these are the ones that I can show you. I have some others recently that might make your face explode… GT

I don’t know the floor, Robbie. It’s only where I pay my rent!:smile:


What is holding you back from showing the others? I don’t understand. Will you get arrested or something?


I can’t speak for @GThorvald in particular, but i know i’ve got a couple of pairs that i can’t share on here due to them being prototypes that Nike was/is testing… so that may be the case with some of his spikes. Or he might get the folks who gave him the spikes in trouble, since they’re might not be supposed/allowed to give their protos away.


@afv like the ones you rocked at Boston last year? :wink: there are really nice pictures of them on your website and I’d love to know how they felt


I could have not said it more succinctly than afv. Likely, it wouldn’t matter to Saucony, Brooks, or Nike, but the last thing I want to do is get anyone into trouble. GT


haha yes, like those. very similar feel to the streak 6 that comes out in june.


God those yellow/red/green milers (eldoret 2s?) are my favorite spike of all time. Would love to own and race in a pair before my career is over


They’re Milers with permanent pins. Amazing ride…
Post on Buy/sell…bet someone has a pair in their closet to sell you. GT


I just missed buying a new pair of penn relays colored matumbo 2’s in my size for $50 on ebay by seconds… The buying link was still up and when I clicked on it it said they sold one minute ago :disappointed_relieved:

EDIT: If you are reading this and are the person who bought those spikes: I hate you. A lot. We are no longer friends.


I hear you, X…we’ve all been there! Just think though: you won’t care one second about that miss when the new Vic3’s become available. GT


I got size 8 magenta mambas tonight, so I’m pretty stoked


I won’t care about it when I can get vic 3’s for $50 GT :sweat_smile:


I got the magenta Vic 2’s over the weekend at Ross for next to nothing


Size 10 magenta mambas for $50 yesterday :slight_smile: I was ecstatic


Newest additions.

Happy to finally find the black/gold milers. I never planned on getting the Matumbo’s but my old pair of vics died in a steeple accident and all of my other spikes have holes so I didn’t want to risk it. I hated the Vic 2’s when I got them and never bothered with the Matumbo 2’s and I have to say that I really missed out. Was surprised with how much I liked them after doing some strides.



That bottom pic really is great. Well done! GT


Got a parcel from my cousin today from The States. A good update to my Vic collection:
Left to right and top to bottom:
Shaheen lanang upper/Vic og proto plate
London early Vic2 proto
Beijing og Vic proto
London og Vic
Kenyan og
Okst og
White pro promo og
Ethiopia og
Jmac promo og
Kiprop’s oly gold promo og
Flyknit upper/og Vic plate
-hidden vic3 prototype-
Mamba2 upper/og Vic plate


Words can not describe how lucky and beautiful that collection is.


Hate to ask the but what does the London Vic 2 proto look like?


How do you mean? It’s there in the picture. GT