Spike Collection Thread


Love the set up. I recently put something like this together in my apartment but with all singlets. It’s a great vibe to the room.


pics dawg, we wanna see some pics


pro-kits are easy to find if youre patient, everything else I have is pretty easy to come by. you always manage to pick up crazy stuff, youre the real hero


Most pro kits*** you rarely see the OTC or NOP and I’ve never seen any BTC just the old BAC.


Have you ever race in any of these?


Late summer 2016 I’ll get a full collection pic up again. I just have spikes in all sorts of places right now (back home, in my locker room, in my dorm room, in Nolan Hayes’s room ;)).


Sorry for crappy quality, but lets revive this thread.
Here are most of my spikes/flats.


Simply outstanding work all around. Very impressive. :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:


Ladies and gents: you’ve just seen greatness with GG. I’d say we’re all chasing you. Absolutely PHENOMENAL. The white/gold og Vics are the coup d’etat. The mamba/tumbo…well done! The volt shoe in the same row to the far left…what is that? GT


Hahaha thanks, but your’s would definitely top mine, you should put up a collection picture. I don’t know which you’re referring to exactly, but it goes London Mambas, early version of Vic Elites, then Mamba/Matumbo.


The London Mambas are what I was referring to. Don’t let Nolan see those… GT


Oh he know that they’re so close to him, yet so far.


uh, some but not most now that i think of it. most are from the last few months and I’ve been pretty hurt and washed up as of late. I’ve worn one of my pairs of white vics, one pair of my white tumbos, the volt & gamma vic elites, and the gamma mambas. i think everything else pro-kit is new. in terms of non-pro kit they’re all worn sans the OTC vic 2s and the zoom d’s, even the older ones I’ve found a time to break them out


the only OTC NOP & BTC spikes that I’ve ever known to exist were available for retail via nike.com or NOP’s website. plus, those don’t really count as pro-kit, more team.


Exactly. Jager and Hill both wore the BTC mismatched color, but with og Vic plate. GT


I finally decided to add a pair of mambas to the collection. It’s just a bummer that these along with my other new spikes probably won’t have the opportunity to touch the track until 2017, :confused:


Some I can’t really show for different reasons, but these are some of my favorites in my collection. GT



Man, those plain white tumbos get me everytime… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


the all black with gold swish and flyknit vics :heart_eyes: where do you find those?!?


And also what’s that flooring, treated hickory?? :heart_eyes:

It really is a remarkable collection, GT. Some of them are too good to be true.