Spike Collection Thread


Is this where we post buy requests? Looking to buy a cool cousin in the States


how does one just casually have USA mamba 1s?

sometimes life just isn’t fair.


My collection so far excluding a pair of gamma blue mamba 2s.


God I would kill for the red/black fade Vics


My latest project is almost done and it should hold all of my spike collection and my other shoes. Just have to touch up a couple of areas paint the bottom edges of the lid and of course finish it off with a swoosh.


Man, I’d send that finished pic to Nike. That’s really a job well done. Seriously. GT


Finished product!


After a very long search I managed to finally grab a pair.


A kid at my track meet was wearing a pair of these today and he had no idea that they were rare or worth anything. I offered him $60 on the spot and he said no :weary:

Maybe someday…


Alrighty so I have been on these forums for a couple years now, geeking out over spikes as much as the rest of y’all, but Jedi’s post brings up a point that’s been confusing me for some time…

Is that Ethiopian colorway of OG Victory really that rare? At my college running shop (Colorado Running Company [in Colorado Springs]) that was the colorway they got for Spring 2009, and therefore the one we all had, and when I bought a pair for XC season the next fall, they had my size on hand, no problem. And this was a tiny shop, selling spikes to our tiny team and a smattering of high schoolers.

Then, the shop I worked at a couple years later (Runners Roost [in Lakewood]) had a couple of sizes of that same colorway collecting dust in their stacks, even though they put them on sale and really tried to move them out of the store. This was as recently as 2014.

Maybe the run specialty coordinator for the region that Colorado is in just happened to send a bunch to this part of the world in 2009? It just always strikes me as odd when y’all drool over them haha. For the last seven years, that colorway has always been just the standard ol’ run of the mill OG Vic colorway, in my mind. But perhaps it really is rare and I’ve just been at the crossroads of some funky coincidences.



They weren’t rare at the time, just a standard colorway. Like any older spike, finding them in new or like-new condition now is just rare. Added to that is that people seem to prefer OG Vics to Vic 2’s.

I also worked at a running specialty store through college, and we always had old colorways of Vics. I think it probably has something to do with most high school and college runners ordering online instead of in store.


yeah, its pretty much just like they’re old so they’re hard to find, and they’re 7 years old now, so pretty much everyone that has them either ran the ■■■■ out of them by now or is pretty settled on keeping them


I’ve been checking online for a few years now and I’ve only seen 3 pairs in my size. One pair was completely destroyed, the other I missed out on because I had just ordered the Vic 2’s and I thought that they would be even better then the og’s. I got them for Christmas and after a couple of races I really didn’t like them. That was back in 2013 and I still regret it.


Well, I was north of San Francisco on a trip to the States in 2010. We stopped at a Nike outlet, and I was shocked to find the white/red/blue vics and Tumbos for sale for $19.99. I bought ONE pair of each, and wish I’d bought 10! GT


Was able to pick these up. Couldn’t believe they had the tags and box still





This would work a lot better if it were easier to put thumb tacks into exposed brick. instead its really hard and I had to use my imagination and it came out looking cluttered as funk. anyway, here are all of my pro-kit spikes because I’m getting closer to having all of them (and in my size), which ultimately the end goal.

Top row; white tumbo 1s, gamma blue metallic tumbo 2, pink metallic tumbo 2, nightshade volt tumbo 2, magenta volt tumbo 2
Second row, if you can even call it that; Gamma blue metallic mamba 2, pink flyknit vic 1, nightshade volt mamba 2
Third Row; White victory 1, volt vic elite, gamma blue vic elite navy swoosh, pink vic 2, magenta volt streak 4.
Row 4, threw these in because they’re pro-kit ish, but not really; OTC vic 2, Oregon Project vic 2.

Theres a bunch of other spikes around my room, maybe i’ll get around to posting those l8r.

BUT, main reason for this post, and this display was supposed to better show it; what i need to finish off the collection.
White 2012; Mamba 1 or 2
Volt 2012; mamba 1 or 2, matumbo 2
Gamma blue 2013; finished
Pink; Mamba 2 2013, also a vic elite or metallic vic 2 because the GR pink 2s don’t really count
Nightshade 2014; vic 2 or elite, not the run penn vic 2s because those don’t count
Magenta 2014; mamba 2, vic 2 or elite, same as above.

I would have pink mamba 2s but the ebay seller accidentally sent me pink vic 2s and sent the mambas to Europe. So, if someone some how has any/all of these or has some connection who has them and wants to help me out, or see’s ebay auctions size 8 and wants to let me know, i’d appreciate it.



turns out I’m pretty bored today and wanted to rearrange my display. plus i love this thread and wish it was more active.

Mayfly’s in the doorway,

panoramas make my room look trippy and really big even though its a shoe box

maxcat 1s, custom og vics, (this line of spikes is supposed to be a timeline because I’m a massive spike nerd) Eldo 1s, Milers, Eldo 2s, og vics, tumbo 1s

(continued time line) gator mambas, mamba 2, vic 2, zoom d (end time line) mamba 2, mamba 2

vic 2, vic xc, streak 4, og matumbo, 4x matumbo 2, og vic, 2x vic elite, vic 2, flyknit victory.

would love to extend the timeline to include as many spikes from as many time periods as possible, so again, size 8 or 8.5, hit me up.


Bueno Bueno. Really digging the set up. I can’t wait to get out of a dorm room. I’ve amassed quite a few since this summer but sadly theyre all just sitting in boxes.


Wow, I love that timeline concept. Need the zoom d full plastic plate…preceded by zoom ultra…preceded by og zoom d! GT


I hope to have this one day