Spike Collection Thread


Are you willing to sell any of these spikes if so let me know, or trade?


who has flyknit vics?

oh wait, me.

(thank you for the lead in for me to show off)




Damn dude… Who’s dicks did you suck to get those?


lopez lomong rocked these when he won milrose in 2013 and I was in the right place at the right time. It was handed off to me at work last week.


Great work! GT


Here is my spike there is more but I haven’t taken a pic of spikes in a while


What size are your Ethiopian Vics? Any interest in selling?


11.5 and I’m not selling those spikes. It took a few years to find them on eBay


Understandable. I wear 9.5 so that wouldn’t work anyways.


I don’t have a huge collection. Mostly victories and matumbos on the spike side and then a ton of pairs of pegasus and lunaracers. Built a giant shoebox for all of them that I’m going to paint like a Nike box.


That is ■■■■■■■ incredible


saw your collection, if your white matumbos 2s are in a size 10 and youre willing to sell, let me know


Hi GT - there were some others, in fact a whole range devoted to Steve Cram! Presumably in the UK only?
I might have duplicate pairs of spikes and possibly a Cram signed SMU vest too…will keep an eye out.

Been a while since I have posted on here, looks very different


I love that! The Arrow from Jarrow! GT


How rare are the Oregon OG Victories? I haven’t seen many pictures of them, but have seen them in person.Uploading image.png…


Pretty rare, I’d say. At least, in good condition and in a common size (9-11). GT


Good view of 2014 color way. A million thanks to my cousin:



Phenomenal. That’s awesome.


Again, massive thanks to my cousin in The States: