Spike Collection Thread


tracktalk.net is where i buy my spikes :wink:

specifically, the master buy/sell page. and ebay.


Tip of the hat to G…new name: G Money…you’ve easily surpassed me! WELL DONE!!! GT


Mostly on here and eBay, but it’s very difficult to buy any rare spikes since they sell within 20 minutes of someone posting them.


Figured this was another place to ask: Did Nike ever issue a Nick Symmonds signature shoe? If so I’d think it has collectors value now.


No, the American Kennedy and Michael Johnson I believe are the only Nike track athletes to ever have had a shoe named after them. However, lagat reportedly named the original matumbos.


There are legends of an El G shoe that Nike made. I heard it was basically a Miler but they changed the upper a bit and called it the Zoom El G.


You’re correct. I completely forgot about that. I had a pair at one time, but sold them to an unnamed source on this site. GT


Ever hear the story of how the matumbos came to have their name? Look up what “matumbo” means in Swahili, then picture the hole on the heel of the spike. GT


@greatestgee those red Vics are the best looking spikes I’ve ever seen


Its pretty hard to post anything that will compare to those last two vic collections. But here goes nothing.
These are just my pickups this summer so far. Paid 160$ for all them.


Are the nightshade or pink volt with chrome spike plate vic2s rare at all?


good question. the pinkies with the chrome (as well as the light blue with chrome) were actually pretty rare during that particular season- ie only pros had the chrome bottoms. i see them fairly often on ebay now, even in common sizes. the nightshade is a definite keeper. that’s exclusive to pros only. although, Gee picked up a pair of nightshade streak lt2’s in that colorway, so it’s always possible that we’ll see a massive influx of nightshade spikes in a year or so. i can tell you this: you won’t be able to even give away your vic 2’s after the vic 3’s come out in 2017. i think OG vivs will always be popular, however. that’s just my opinion. GT


Just so that we’re all speaking the same language… I always understood “nightshade” to be the dark navy blue color that, along with volt, was the pro color for men in 2014.

The dark pink color that makes up Dibaba’s spikes in the below image is called “magenta,” I believe. It seemed like some of the above posts were using “nightshade” to describe the dark pink color that was the women’s pro color in 2014. It is my understanding that nightshade is dark blue.


Are black/volt Vic 2s rare at all? I used to think that the black was what was called nightshade but learned recently here that Nightshade is navy. I’ve got a pair of black/volt vics that I was thinking about trading for a pair of Vics that actually fits but if they are a rare spike I want to keep them.


I’ve seen them around a fair bit. Guys who I train with and aren’t spike collectors by any means have come to practice wearing them, presumably having got them online or at a local store.

Assuming we’re talking about these, that is.


For goodness sakes man, if they don’t fit you, trade for some that do- that’s regardless of how rare they might be. Robby is spot on regarding nightshade being a weird blue color (have seen it called freshwater). GT


Yeah I will. I just really like the colorway and didn’t want to get rid of them if I thought I was getting rid of an uncommon pair


niiiiiight moves… i mean nightshade.



Figured I’d bump this thread. My collection after about two years.
Starting from top right, by column:
Gator Mamba, Vic XC, Kennedy, Vic Elite, Lanang, Eldo 2
Vic Elite Prototype, Vic 2 Promo, OTC Vic 2, 2x OG Vic (White/Black), Harambees, 2x OG Mismatches, Jasari
2x Chile Tumbos, USA Matumbo, Kenyan Vent 2 Customs, Streaktumbos, Streetumbos

Flats: Nightshade Streak 4, Streak LT, Mayflys, 3 x Lunaracer+, Lunaracer 2, OG racers, Streak 5
Missing: A few pairs of OG racers and Lunaracer 3s, couple pairs of Streak 5s and Streak LTs


How did you get the Flyknit Vics?