Spike Collection Thread


I have a few more not pictured. I will update eventually.


wow, I have like 2 pairs. that’s it! :0


From memory and in the order I bought them, so this might be a bit rough. I will post pics when I get home for the summer, assuming this place is still here. Italics are the time of service.

Mizuno Wave Kaze (some version) Freshman Indoor, Outdoor, Sophomore XC
Asics Gel Dirt Dog (spikeless) Sophomore Indoor, Junior Indoor, Senior Indoor
Nike Zoom Miler (Ethiopian) Sophomore Outdoor, Hunior XC
Nike Zoom Ventulus + Junior XC
Nike Zoom Eldoret II Junior Outdoor
Nike Zoom Miler (Red) Junior Outdoor
Nike Zoom Kennedy XC (flame) Senior XC
Nike Zoom Victory (blue/white/red) Senior Outdoor
Nike Zoom Ventulus (spotted) Senior Outdoor

I think that covers all of them.


Collection has changed a bit (the blue matumbos have a new home, pretty sure I have more spikes than this) but we need more pictures here so



Don’t have any pictures, but I have (big change from last time I posted, as I was perma’d from Dyestat for the last almost-year), in order of acquisition:

Nike Miler XC, Ethio Colorway - $90
Nike Eldoret II, Ethio Colorway - $35
Nike Kennedy, Sunshine Colorway - $0
adidas AdiZero PR, original colorway - $90
Nike Streak XC, White/Black/Gold colorway - $60
Nike Forever XC, Blue/White/Orange colorway - $16
Nike Lanang, White/Red colorway - $33
Nike Victory, Professional/Sample USA Colorway - $0
Nike Katana, Black/blue colorway - $60
Nike Vent 2, OG White/Red colorway (permapins) - $41

The Vents arrived in the mail today, pretty stoked about those. Bringing them out in a 5000 at Duke in a few weeks.

I’ll try to get a picture soon.


gave away one of the pairs of vent 2s


Bored, so am gonna try recall every pair of spikes I have ever owned. Order wont be accurate but will give it a go anyway…

Adidas Cosmos MD
Asics Hyper MD
Nike Zoom Miler (white/gold)
Nike Zoom Miler XC (kenyan)
Nike Zoom Kennedy XC (orange flame)
Nike Zoom Vent +
Nike Zoom Forever ID - Miler plate
Nike Zoom Maxcat (silver/red)
Nike Zoom Miler (white/gold)
Nike Zoom Kennedy (yellow/blue)
Nike Zoom Miler (white/red)
Nike Zoom Victory (og usa colour)
New Balance LDS 1005 (red/white)
Nike Zoom Vent 2 (white/red)
Nike Zoom Jasari
Brooks Z3 Distance
Nike Zoom Victory (neon green/black)



Lanang (USA)
Victory (USA)
Victory (Ethio)
Vent 2 (perma pins)
Vent 2 (USA)
Eldo 2 (white/gold)
Miler (black/gold)
Kennedy (sunshine)
Kennedy (black/gold)
Kennedy (blue/yellow)
Vent (Spotted)
Streak XC (white/black)
Streak XC 2
Miler XC (red/black)
Katana Rac3r (grey/blue)
Katana Racer 2 (grey/white)
Lunaracer (pink)
Lunaracer (volt)


for seriously how to I post pictures on here, i miss the old ways :frowning:


Nike Sprint Rival, American flag version (freshman outdoor) 100-11.7, 200-24.3
Asics Hypersprint (Sophomore Indoor/outdoor) 300-36.8, 200-23.3
Nike Maxcat I(Indoor Junior-Current) 400-51.0
Nike Powercat (Indoor Junior-current) 100-10.9, 200-22.4
Brooks F2 [worst spike in history] (Outdoor Junior) 400-51.5
Asics Japan Lite-ning 2 (Indoor and Outdoor freshman year of college) 400-50.6
Nike Superfly R2 (Indoor sophomore-Current/outdoor soph) 400-48.9


Camera’s broken but here’s what I got:

Mizuno Tempo MD
Saucony Velocity 3
Asics Hyper LD

Adiddas Neptune XS
Saucony Shay XC 2

Asics Piranha’s SP 2


I don’t have a camera either at the moment but…

Gold Maxcat II
JW Foster Distance
Vent +
Orange OG Bees
Red Milers
Sample Forever/Milers
White Kenns
OG White/Pink Eldos
White/Blue Vics
Red/Black Vics

Adidas Mana
Streak XC 2
Brooks ST Racer



a pair of 2010 victories that i just bought from a friend for 20 bucks
and one other pair that i dont think i can put pictures up of… but you have all seen em before. if not your a little behind


No pic

Nike Mamba- Green
Nike Ventulus 2- USA
Nike Waffle XC VII- Black/Orange
Nike Kennedy XC- Camo
Brooks Z3
Brooks Mach 10
Nike Lunaracer


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