Special request


The Self Contained Special Education students of my school are trying a special project.

They are trying to get a least one state post card from each of the 50 (plus DC) states.

Please help them out - imagine how cool it would be to see them with excitement as everyday

If you would like to help these kids out (and put a smile on their face) please send them a message to the following address:

E. Triano’s Class
Southern Regional
600 North Main Street
Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Thanks and please be a part of what makes humanity great!


If I find a NH post card, I’ll send it!

Good Luck.



I don’t teach the class but have one of the kids on my cross team. they are so excited about it. It has been going on since Septemeber but the return hasn’t been great. so I am just trying to help.


I’ll find one from the Casino I work at and mail it out to you…Indiana BTW

EDIT: What are we supposed to put on it?