Sowinski signs with Nike


Post-Re:Run Interview:


Glad to see him officially join the professional ranks. He deserves it!


Glad to hear the good news!!


viren is indeed a ninja


Well deserved!


Will he delay Med school for awhile or do both like Bob Kempainen?


Or USATF Champion Daniel Lincoln?

The fact we are indirectly holding him to that standard is really unbecoming.


Unbecoming? It was a legit question.


Isn’t the real question whether he will continue to work at the shoe store?

Seriously though, excellent news and obviously well deserved.


Where will he live and train? Current situation seems to be working well for him. And he could keep working at the shoe store (if he wanted).


Happy to see Sowinski signed, not surprised Nike signed him at all. They appear to snatching any new talent up but I wonder if he could have got a better deal with Saucony NB or Adidas.

I like the guy because he seems to be a very a hardworker but how much more can he improve? He should be able to get the B standard easily I think he is already within tenths…but he has made HUGE improvements this year which could mean he always underperformed and will keep getting better or he is just gonna run nearly the same time for the rest of the year. Pretty interested him since his first win over solomon indoors.


I hate when people ask questions like this. You know very little about him and his training. Did you think Duane Solomon was going to run 1:42 last year?


Solomon was a proven 800m runner. He had ran 1:45-46 and had been on the edge since his last year of college. I don’t know but after 6 years of 1:45 SB’s and high finishes at USA with 1 major coaching change in the last few years (which has clearly helped) I would say he was due for improvement. In any race other than the Olympic final he wouldn’t have ran 1:42 that was a magic race. His 1:44 and even 1:43 were not that surprising imo just long overdue.

Completely different from Sowinski and using Solomon was an awful comparison. You are comparing a kid that came out of nowhere and is now a force on the national scene, although he has ran slightly faster than his SB his tactics/confidence etc have greatly improved, the best I can find is a 3rd place finish at NCAA indoor, hardly indicitive of a 600m american record(even if it is soft) and several scalpings of a 1:42 dude only a year after that result.

And obviously I want him to improve on his PB but hes came out of the gate very strong, there is only so much you can do in a season.

Edit: My bad the Iowa site is kind of hard to read, I guess he got 2nd outdoors which is more indictive of the results he has but still…


Sure there’s only so much you can do in a season. I’m talking long term growth here.

Also, on the subject of Solomon, he was less likely to improve after years of the same result that a guy like Sowinski would.


True you could look at it that way, but he was also a huge talent when he was the NCAA and his 2007 time was his PB until last year. Surely something was wrong there seems the coaching is helping. Not sure how long he has been with Gray but Wiki still has him listed with his previous coach.

I think we will see a lot of faster international 800 times this year with the crop of young guns running 1:42 +/-


I would be a little more enamored with Sowinski and his signing, if his PR was faster and he had any surrounding event that was that fast and I do not count 600’s, too in frequently run, he beat a bunch of guys this winter, when many were not pointing for that at all, a great story though and a testament to hard work that paid off!

The question you have to ask honestly if you are an Elite U.S. 800 guy is can folks see that person running at least 1:43.high good, in great fitness

I think you would have to be that good to be a factor to make a team, NOT run that in a tactical race, just be that good.

There are so many guys that drop into this event that are not even the usual suspects ala, Solomon, ran that 1:42.x Symmonds, knows what it takes to make teams, Greer getting better, Loxsom wicked(45.x relay speed more that once) speed, can he translate it , Jock, Wheating coming back down again? Does Andrews come back down to his 1:44.x form and improve from that?


Well, he ran 46.81 from the gun in college, which as far as I can tell is faster than Loxsom has ever run in an open quarter.

I didn’t follow him in college, but apparently he regularly split 45.high and split 44.8 at the Big 12 champs last year.

He ran 1:45.90 last year, and seems to have better fitness this year, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him at 1:44.X this year. Right race in Europe?

He also seems to be a pretty savvy racer; but no one really paid attention to him, as not only was he from an non-traditional power school, but that he wasn’t really a fixture at big east coast/west coast meets.

But he’s a stud. And another body in an increasingly crowded U.S. 800 field.


I’m glad he signed with Nike. They have the best perks in my opinion (gear, training facilities, Oregon …) Proves that people think he’s going places.


GTK , I fully stand corrected if he splt sub 45? That is insane


I don’t think Sowinski was looking to peak during the winter either King. But I also don’t think he’ll make the team. Symmonds and Soloman are looking good to make the team, and there’s a whole host of other guys I’d pick for third over Sowinski. Not to say he isn’t good, but I’d pick a healthy Wheating, fit Greer/Loxsom, or tactically sound Andrews over Sowinski any day.

You say Soloman was a proven guy and had been ‘on the edge’ since his last year of college. You know what Sowinski is? A guy fresh out of college; a guy who just hasn’t had the years of post-collegiate running to be a 1:45-1:46 guy for several years because it’s still his first year out. It’s easy to look back at Soloman’s history and say he was due for improvement, and it would also be incredibly foolish. Nothing from Soloman indicated he was going to have the year he did last year, because the number of 1:45 guys the US has is higher than it’s been in years. He was just another guy chasing Symmonds.

You’re joking right?


What, do you not like Nike?