Southern Indiana, Eastern Illinois, Saint Louis, SIU Edwardsville questions


I’m a runner in Columbia Illinois, only about 30min from St. Louis. Four colleges I have been looking at are the University of Southern Indiana, Eastern Illinois University, Saint Louis University, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Does anyone on tracktalk run for them or have any experience with the teams? I’ve visited SLU and walked around SIUE with a college friend thus far but didn’t talk to either coach. What are the walk-on standards like for these colleges? If you run for them, are there a lot of areas to run (something I’m really looking for is having plenty of places to run)? What are the facilities like? What are the towns/cities they’re in like? Any sort of information about these colleges and their teams will be very helpful


You’ll need to ask the coaches about walk-on standards. They tend to vary from year-to-year and of course from school-to-school.

Though I would think that SLU would take just about anybody?

It’s also important to be in contact with the coaches if you do go there so that you can be in the loop about Clearinghouse, physicals, when practices start, etc.