South Park season 14


Shocked this thread doesn’t exist yet.

End of Jersey episode- WHAT THE ****???


I feel like they just went for the cheap controversy with that. The rest of the episode was hilarious, though.


I feel like you can’t be here anymore since you’re from Jersey.


They could have done a better job with that episode. It wasn’t awful but no where near as funny as I was hoping it to be.


I give them a little more credit than that- seems like they’re being as over the top and tasteless as possible to show that its inconsistent for them not to be able to show Muhammad. Think they went a bit too far on this one though. Still a good episode though, IMO.


that it was hysterical when cartman was being raped by the “snooki”


Yea… I think the politicians here are gonna have a field day with this now, though. There already was a big article in the paper the other day about them just having this episode - now I expect the governor to speak out against it. There’s groups here that are still crusading to get Jersey Shore taken off the air… I can’t imagine what they’re gonna say after this.

The best part of the episode were the caricatures - they were spot on for everyone - especially Snooki. I feel like they could’ve done a bit more with them, though.



I feel they really were not that creative and I feel they could have used the help of Osama way more in a different episode that would be more fitting and more funny.