South Mountain Reservation trails


Anyone out there with any insight into how “runnable” these trails are? I know plenty of people use South Mountain for training but are they clear? Single track? Lots of turns/switchbacks? Clearly marked? Rocky? Full of roots? Even/uneven? Looking for somewhere to get in a quality LR on Sunday - 15 miles or so with marathon-type training in mind, not just a fun adventure run!

Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


I’ve only ran there twice, two different sides of the park separated by South Orange ave, one side was completely rocky, not the best running surface. The other side I ran on a trail that was much softer, only rocky at points. I am pretty sure theres some sort of 6 mile trail there, havent had a chance to check it out. Very hilly but I’m sure thats assumed with running at a mountain.