South Jersey Sectional Results


Here are the highlights:

Haddon Twp wins big in Group I: congrats to Dave

Haddonfield wins group II in a fight with both Highland and Pleasantville. Congrats to Nick Baker and Haddonfield as they set the NJ State record for sectional titles with 31 (YIKES!) Wags and Colls had Highland running well as did Alan down at Pleasantville.

Kingsway wins group III with a 10 point victory over Ocean City. Congrats to Christian.

Cheorkee wins group IV. Congrats to Shak, Pelly and Cuneo.

On the girls side:

Haddon Twp makes it a group I sweep with a 9 point victory over Pitman.

Haddonfield continues the sweep with a win in Group II with a decisive win scoring 24 points.

Delsea wins group III with 63 points.

Lenape wins group IV with a 10 point victory over Cherokee

Connor Herr runs the fastest time of the day running 15:27 to win group IV. Megan Lacy runs the fastest time of the day running 17:37.


Full Results

Great weather for running today. Congrats to all the teams that got through.


Full Results are posted on the South Jersey Track Coaches site:

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[FONT=“Georgia”][SIZE=“4”]Surprisingly, as good as Shawnee’s program has been over the years, Connor Herr is Shawnee’s first sectional XC champ

David Forward was 2nd in 2008 to Brett Johnson.

Adam Ambrus 3rd in 2000 behind Mike Myers and Marc Pelerin.

Dave DeJong 2nd to Murad Campbell in 1997.

Alex Totten-Lancaster 3rd behind Wassell & Nogeur of Highland in 1994

Keith O’Brien was 3rd behind Pete Fixler and Rich Morris in 1991[/SIZE][/FONT]


Wow, figured that Shawnee would’ve had a sectional champ before this.

Some great names from the early 90s - Fixler, Wassell, Nogeur, KOB and ATL.


How about Non-Public results?

Nice to see Eastern Christian joining the SJ Non-Public meet!


How about Non-Public results?

Nice to see Eastern Christian joining the South Jersey Non-Public meet!


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As are all results except N2 & NJCTC which are not up anywhere yet


Thanks for the congratulations. Congrats goes out to you, Shak, Pelerin, Cuneo, and crew, too. An incredible tradition at Cherokee continues.

                                     Christian Lynch- Kingsway