South Carolina GOP debate


Did anyone watch it?

I caught most of it and like a lot of what Johnson and Paul had to say.

Rick Santorum made me want to throw up with a lot of his beliefs.

Cain had some pretty okay ideas but he just seems so un-electable and seemed to oversimplify everything. I guess that could be good for once? Really mixed feelings here.

Pawlenty just made me mad every time he talked. I don’t know what about him made me mad. Some of his ideologies but for the most part it was just the way he looked.


Here’s recordings of the debate if you missed it:

There needs to be a button to fast forward through Rick Santorum’s responses.

EDIT: Damn shame Gary Johnson won’t be elected. Johnson 2016!

Also, not a fan of Herman Cain.


Sorry, every time Santorum opens his mouth all I hear is “blah, blah, blah, I’m a huge douchebag.”


Gary Johnson has my endorsement. Won me over easily.

And he’s a runner!


Him or Ron Paul. Ron Paul is actually the best match up against Obama so far according to some polls that i have no idea how they did their study. But it was on cnn and fox.


It does seem the GOP is very much about previous exposure to the electorate. Ron Paul has the advantage of 2008 (as does Huckabee, he wouldn’t be doing nearly as well without it). Gary Johnson should’ve run in 2008, but he might be a decent (still not-nominated) person in 2016.


The problem with Ron Paul is that the GOP paints him as bat-**** crazy for his stance on drugs ( everything should be legalized ) because they are uninformed on the issue and he wants to put more things up to the states. Which I like.


Ron Paul is bat-**** crazy for plenty of other reasons.


As a SWAG I would say Ron Paul is a visionary 10% of the time, spot on about 25% of the time, open for debate 25% of the time, and Guano Loco 40%.