Songs I doubt you ever heard II


Is it summer yet?

btw 1:05




plese excuse the editorializingbythe YouTube poster–Inezs soul voice is so powerful in this song



the original version
written by Bobby Hebb in '62
Mieko Hirota recorded the first release 1966







you all know this one he wrote and recorded first right



and yes when I managed Malachy’s Bar in the late 60’s I had a beard…


rom the wiki: “‘We’ll Sing in the Sunshine’ was written by Gale Garnett for her then-boyfriend, Hoyt Axton, and was first recorded in 1963 by Axton (‘Joy to the World‘, ‘No No Song‘) and The Sherwood Singers for the groups’ 1963 album The Happy Song. Garnett recorded her own version a year later, scoring a US Top-10 hit and reaching #1 in her native New Zealand. The song went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Ethnic or Traditional Folk Recording in 1965.


the first Sloopy song Jan 1964

slow dance variation released in May '65 before The McCoys July’65 release

yardbirds also out in July '65

and thefamous Liz Brewer Version


she did a good cover of this


Dame Shirleyhas a good cover of For The Love of Him