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Great cut. Thanks
no need for the Wrecking Crew----- a vocal wall of sound

The Supremes reworked version of R&B original gem

another from Johnny and Jackeys short career



I didn’t know The Supremes recut the song! It’s amazing how many songs have been recycled two or more times. I like the Jonny & Jackey version which is something for me. It sounds like it is from the late '50’s. I tend to like later versions of songs better but not always. Well done @wineturtle!

PS I just looked it up and saw the original version was made in 1961. The Supremes’ version was released in 1970 and was their last of 12 number one hits.


Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love (May 1969)
Tribute Artist: Ben Harper (Tour Date Unknown 2000)

Led Zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times (October 1968)
Tribute Artist: Robert Randolph & The Family Band (Tour Date Unknown 2011)

Robert Plant: Shine it all around

Jimi Hendrix: Acoustic

Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song


I’m excited to start buying vinyl again. Waiting for a vintage turntable from eBay.


80s + Remix = A beautiful thing!



I prefer the original CULT release.



a bunch of Roy Orbison bios

earliest I can find


Just found out this was first titled



& bit of butterscotch topping