Song to Dance To At A Wedding


Need songs to be played at my wedding that people can dance to.











I lol’d





This post inspired so many flashbacks and an awesome dance session in my room.








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What kind of weddings do you go to?


Don’t judge it until you’ve tried dancing to it.



it kinda looks fun.


I just got done DJ’ing a wedding this past weekend. Though I despise most of the ***** I play at weddings, it is what almost always gets people out there.

So if you are truly interested, PM me and I’ll get you a list of my cheesy go to stuff.

Fake Edit: This past weekend’s wedding probably had the best crowd I’ve ever DJ’ed for. The age range was mostly 23 - lower 30’s (older people just mingled in the distance). Any give time, there was 40 - 50 people out on the floor. I actually got to throw down some DJ Icey, Avicii, Sebastian Ingrosso, Deadmau5, and had a ton of Skrillex requested. Great crowd.


This is the antithesis to “great crowd.”