Some Oslo Notes


Bolt over Powell, 9.79 to 9.85. Wind +0.6

Culson runs the first sub 48 of the year, 47.92. World Champ Greene waaay back in 4th in 48.98. I believe that is his second loss this year. Was he undefeated last year?

Gareth Warburton from Great Britain (Wales) runs 1:44.98. His PR at the start of the year was 1:46.47. That gives the British Isles 3 sub 1:45 guys this year. I wonder when that last happened.

Kiprop takes the Dream Mile in 3:49.22.

Gebremeskel takes the 5 in 12:58.92 over an Ethiopian named Hagos Gebrhiwet who ran a PR of 12:58.99. Merga, T. Bekele and K. Bekele followed him across the line. Season’s best for K. Bekele of 13:00.54.

Montsho takes the 400 in 49.68 just off her season’s best.

Pearson runs an = World Leader of 12.49 (0.7). Kristi Castlin of the US takes second in a huge personal best of 12.56??? Prior to this year her best was 12.83 - this year behind this time she has already run 12.68, 12.74, 12.76 and 12.77. Clearly someone to watch for at the Trials.

Great Britain gets another “A” standard in the 400 - Nigel Levine runs a massive best of 45.11 to win the 400.

Taylor loses in the Triple to Russian jumper Lyukman Adams by 3cm basically both at 56’ even.

British 800 trials should be interesting . . .

Nice to see Bolt run in the 9.7s twice in a row.


Jonathan Edwards tweeted that some jumpers weren’t able to do a full approach due to the runway being too short, and I assume Taylor was affected by that


Ovett, Coe and Cram??


Watched Trier’s Reprise this afternoon. Absolutely stunning.


Great stuff by Kiprop and Bekele. Back to back sub 3:50s by Kiprop with 4 days of rest, back to back 13:01/13:00 by Bekele with the same rest. Oh yeah, Oslo is 9 time zones away from Eugene.


I only saw the 5k, last lap of the mile, and the 100.

In the 5k they went out in sub 60 and then a lap or two later they ran a 69. Makes you miss David Krummenacker! Kenenisa never led, he tried to pass on the curve going into the final lap but Tariku and Gebremeskel were pushing too hard. The ****ing stream I was using put up an ad blocking the feed as Dejen crossed the line, so I missed the part where Gebrhiwet moved up to 2nd. It will be interesting if the federation takes him over Tariku or Merga, who are much more proven. If their marathon selections are any indication, they probably will. As an aside, I feel for Sileshi. His days of championship running are probably over. I doubt he cares. Now he gets to focus on banging the baby faced destroyer full time. :slight_smile:

I read that the mile was 1:51 at the halfway point and then they slowed to a 60 second third lap. The absolute ease and grace with which Kiprop put everyone away over the last 100 was reminiscent of Pre last week. He looked utterly relaxed throughout the last lap, no straining at all. He’d have to suffer a Ngeny to not grab another piece of gold hardware this summer.

For the men’s 100, I had a little chuckle at the false start. They’re not terribly uncommon, but it reminded me that Bolt’s false start last year will probably be his last one ever. Anyway, I was really impressed with both Bolt and Powell. Bolt was able to almost keep up with Powell through about 30-40m, whereas Powell usually dusts everyone–today he did too, with the exception of Bolt. And then Powell! He matched Bolt stride for stride until the last 10-15m or so and didn’t give up. Even coming in 2nd, you could see how excited and happy he was in being so close to Bolt. The replay showed Usain clearly straining at the end. Asafa’s probably watching that expression of nervousness on replay tonight while eating yams with his groupies.

The best part was when Bolt plowed over the flower girl. I felt bad for her, but watching it was hilarious.


You mean Martin Keino.


Is “reminiscent” truly the best word to compare two events involving the same individual within 5 days?

And by “suffer a Ngeny” I assume you mean spend all of his time between now and August lifting weights in a garage in London.


It was indeed close. Bolt definitely is pushing but his body stays relaxed. It was more of a competitive “stay with it!” kind of thing as opposed to tightening up . . .

He still is not quite the flowing Bolt of '08 or '09 but I think he looked better today. Very nice race for Powell. Personally I think it would be awesome if Powell shocked everyone and won Gold in London. What redemption that would be. It is unlikely as all heck but it sure would be something.

On to New York to see what Blake, Bledmon, Kimmons, Rodgers, Thompson and Padgett can do . . . oh, and Tyson Gay :slight_smile:


Anybody’d be better than whatever shmucks are being given the duties these days. You’re correct though, Martin was the quintessential LD rabbit while Krum was more used for MD stuff. Andrew Wheating has him to thank for his PR. He came to mind because he retired more recently than Martin.

Probably not the perfect word. What I meant was get hit by a car; I’m not sure Asbel could put on muscle if he tried.

What I’d forgotten about Powell was that he beat Yohan Blake at the Jamaican National meet last year. As chokey as AP is, it’s wrong to count him out. I agree that it would be fantastically shocking to see him win. He really does have the best start ever, so the others will have to be on top of their game, not false starting and all of that.


i agree, and if you watch the race where powell bolt beat blake it wasn’t a powell gets a good start and hangs on race, he had an uncharacteristically poor start and ran blake down. the powell of old would hae just given up there, i think slowly but surely he’s getting over his mental issues. i don’t reckon he’ll beat bolt in london but he’ll run a 9.6x and push bolt right the way…


I’d have to say the 3:49 for Kiprop 5 days after Pre and the nine time zone west->east trip wins stud/foolhardy award of the week (along with anyone else who tried Pre and Oslo). I wonder if anyone is going Pre->Oslo->NYC.