Sock Puppet Appreciation Thread


It needed to be done.


Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater.


At first the world was filled with darkness and chaos
And the world was at peace for the first time

All non-sadomasochistic sockpuppets agree:

sandals on socks are painful and bad.:smiley:

Anonymous [URL=“”]Internet user Run The Night, and his partner JBF, are revolutionary supporters of this ideal. “The sandal is meant for the foot, and the sockpuppet is meant for the hand. The hand cannot conform to the shape of a sandal,” RTN posted on the Internet [URL=“”]forum. Less than a half hour after the original post, JBF posted “I agree and support Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater Too :)”. Both users were unjustly banned for their opinions, the [URL=“”]administrator’s only excuse being “Lousy sockpuppets”.
This blatant sockpuppetism is becoming increadingly pervasive in our modern American society, especially in nasty, cyber-bullying websites such as Angry Sockpuppet protestors are rallying in protest, posting such thought-provoking and profound postings as "yuo aRe t3h GHEY!!!1!" and “[URL=“****_up”]SYFU, [URL=“”]I HAET YOU!!!” These courageous [URL=“”]Civil Rights pioneers are true American Heros, rebelling against their Sandal/sock-wearing oppressors



what is up with all the links in that quote box? they have a /wiki/ folder in the url… i am confused


Cut and Paste is my friend!


I guess it just confuses me how those links work, I have never tried copying and pasting from Uncyclopedia, quality website.


No other sock puppet can touch this…