Soark shorts


Im totally getting this one. This site is t*ts


got germany shorts from there…freakin awesome. they also have the highest split i have ever seen on a short


I actually saw some guy running in those in Griak (the division II or III race- whichever had the largest open contingent, I dont remember). He had the American flag shorts on. I know where my next paycheck’s going to go!


I have those shorts. Be careful how you wash them though, because the color on mine bled across the middle.


got the split USA shorts! They’re the shiz


how long would it take for them to ship? i am seriously thinking about getting the Irish shorts


got mine in a week


I wish they had more countries…


If they got Ireland who cares about other countries???


i ordered mine on a friday and then got them tuesday


I have the Ireland shorts. They are very much of the comfortable and legit.


I got the split shorts called the dinero. pretty awesome.


I guess I’m the only one who thinks they look absolutely retarded.


A lot of Irish people here. I just ordered the Ireland ones, someone on our team decided to have a ‘represent a country’ practice next Friday and I’ve been meaning to order these anyways so I got 'em. I know this was asked but two pretty different answers were given, for those who ordered them, do you think I’ll have them by next Friday (one week), I live in MD if that helps. I don’t like how they don’t give an estimated time on the shipping info.


They’ll be awesome for raves/ theme parties as well. Surprisingly, they’re pretty comfortable, and relatively cheap for running shorts too at least compared to the shorts I buy. I live in Minnesota and it took them 7 business days to get here- I ordered monday and they came the following monday



i think i got mine in 5ish days. i cant remember if i ordered them on a thursday or friday but i got them on wednesday the following week


Translation from Minnesotian: 5 business days (assuming they were shipped out the Tuesday after you ordered them).


Nobody likes the Irish, all they are good for is potatoes anyway…

oops i mean not having enough potatoes and then moving to America