So the presidential election is coming up


I remember at about this time four years ago there was lots of hype regarding the 2008 election. Many people wanted to get Bush out of office ASAP and many were excited at the prospect of having an African-American or a female president.

Now it is that time again, but I don’t see as much hype as there was four years ago. Many (religious) Republicans are not so enthusiastic about having Mormon president. Down south where I live, Mormonism is seen by religious conservatives as a cult and having a non-Christian president to them is scary. Yet the Republican party, the party that they are so tightly tied to, is probably going to be putting Mitt Romney as their candidate.

It’s going to be an interesting election where many Democrats are not pleased at what Obama has done these four years and religious conservatives have to choose between voting for a cult crazy Mormon or a filthy liberal like Obama. My prediction is that not as many people will show up to polls this year, and Obama will take the win. Meanwhile third party candidates will see records in votes.


Vermin Supreme 2012


Willard “Mittens” Romnibus.

Not voting for him, but the name has a ring to it.


Gary Johnson…assuming I’m not too lazy to vote. It’s easy enough to register in Wisconsin, I usually just don’t support any candidate enough to actually vote for them.


The Herman Cain Train next stop the White House. ALL ABOARD




It’s gonna depend upon Romney’s platform if he can get my vote, because if he is the same big government, liberal baboon that he’s always been then I will vote Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul. I don’t see much of a difference between Romney and Obama in terms of what they’ve actually done. They are definitely saying different things.


I would tend to agree with the bolded, with the stipulation that Romney has “done” a lot more.

I do get a laugh out of the people harping on the religious angle. Last time I checked, 3+ years of Obama hasn’t led to people marching in the streets chanting “God Damn America”. I doubt a Romney presidency would have us all wearing magic underwear and marrying an entire harem. :rolleyes:

My bottom line: being President is a really, really hard job to do well. Of the two major candidates… one has demonstrated a capacity for hard work, and one hasn’t.


Glad to see you’ll be voting for President Obama.


I have 0 plans on registering to vote.


…and I’m glad to see you still have your sense of humor. :cool:


Please, tell me about Mitt Romney working hard ever in his life. I’m amazed that anyone can think Willard has demonstrated a capacity for hard work and Barack has not.


Voted Fanya


Only if…


Writing in Al Gore. We need to save the polar bears.


He’s disqualified for being chubby, apparently.

I am genuinely curious how many of the “other candidate” votes are not jokes. What other candidates will there be on the ballot, for one (yes, I know it varies state by state)?


I will legitimately be voting for Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party. Usually the Green Party, Libertarian Party and Constitution Party manage to get on the ballot in every state. There a few others that are even more minor that have access to 10-20 ballots.


What state are you in?


Border of dazed and delusional, seriously everyone has the right to use their vote as statement but doesn’t reality dictate choosing the better of two acceptable options or the lesser of two evils?


I can see throwing your vote to a third party candidate in a really red or really blue state, but in a swing state, you’re just helping the major party candidate you like less.

For instance, in Florida in 2000, a lot of folks voted for Ralph Nader since he was their favorite candidate. However, they preferred Gore over Bush. By choosing to vote third party, they handed the election to Bush. (That is, of course, ignoring the fact that Gore probably would have won a recount).