So I need help on hiding alcohol


So I’m 16 and my hook-up is going back to college soon. So tomorrow were gonna take one last trip to the store to get stuff. I plan on throwing in about 30-50 dollars and my friends are gonna throw in some money too. We have a pretty big friend group and we don’t want to be dry during the school year(try to last until before new years I would say.)

Whats the best way to hide it? I was thinking of in my car but I don’t know if that would be a bad idea. I have a 2010 jetta so if any of you have one and have any ideas, just holla.
So, an idea I had. I pretty much always have this cardboard box in my trunk for work related stuff(handing out business doorhangers.) I was thinking of either cutting a piece of cardboard, the same area, and creating a small trap door to house a few bottles, no beer. I can wrap the bottles in bubble wrap that I have, and make it so theres no clanging around or spillage concerns.
The other Idea I had was to put it in the spare tire compartment, which isnt very original, but an open option.

My parents have driven my car about 1-2 times in the past 9 months Ive had it so theres no concern for that. And they never searched me or anything(with me knowing.)
The only one I’m worried about is that by parking in the school, you allow police to search your car if they want. But they usually just look for drugs with the dog, or would search your car if youre a bad ass(which in the minds of my teachers, elders, parents maybe? Im a goody two shoes.)

Other idea I had was to put it in some shoe boxes, since I have about 15 or so b/c Im a spike whore.

What are some other options? Please don’t lecture me in some way, just need a brainstorming sesh here. So either some new ideas, or some past ways you hid stuff when you were a kid.


Don’t keep it in the car. Never put it in there unless you plan on using it that night, plus you won’t have enough room for everything you plan on buying if it’s supposed to last until new years.

Shoeboxes are a good idea if you just pile them in your closet and leave the shoes in the top couple.


Drink it all right away so you don’t have to worry about hiding it.


all the liquor you buy should be clear in color.

empty out as many half liter water bottles as it takes to contain it all. refill the water bottles. then it doesn’t matter how you hide it. just don’t make it look out of the ordinary.

after i graduated HS, i bought 20liters of booze and then had 40 half liter water bottles full of liquor that ended up getting drank in about a 6 week period. duffel bag of bottles.

don’t get caught.


build a trap door and compartment in the floor in your room. or y not just a clothes drawer or under your bed


Dude, at your age, you should have no problems finding another hook-up. There are a lot more kids with fake ID’s than you think walking around your school. I promise.


The idea of $50 worth of alcohol lasting until New Years is lolsome.
The idea of a 16 year old driving a 2010 Jetta is f*cked.

Edit: The water bottle thing is legit. Except my roommate once thought it was the water we kept for ironing and caught his pants on fire. Hilarity did ensue.


Yea, after posting this I realized that say $75 is going to get me like maybe 5 bottles of smirnoff right? Yea I’ve decided not to put it in my car. Maybe I’ll go with the shoe boxes

Sounds great, I love binge drinking, but all my friends say it makes me an a**hole so I think I might stop.

This story is awesome. I’ll keep an open mind toward this one, but it would seem kinda odd having a f*ck load of water bottles in my room or whatnot.

Yea maybe you can ship me some booze sometime via paypal. Actually thats not a bad idea.

Yea noted.
And f*cked in a good way or a bad way? I like to think good, my car is so sick, fast, and the stock stereo isnt even that bad.


Actually it’s a terrible idea. Some kids at UW got caught selling liquor online(obviously to underagers) last year. Let’s just say finishing college is the least of their problems now.


Shot down! But thanks


You’re still a little ■■■■■.


F*cked as in you’re 16, why are you driving a car circa post 1995.


This is full of win.


QFE. I’m 18 and I still drive a '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s got character.


Dude just hide in your freaking room. If your parents honestly search your room that thoroughly then thats nuts man. Just toss it in your closet and throw some clothes on it and call it a day. Leaving it in your car can backfire on the chance a cop is feeling the need to search your car.


First, I am 22 and I drive a 1992 ford explorer/

Second, hide it in your room. Just mix in a couple random bottles with clothes or other stuff. Hide a couple in water bottles, etc. If you are not mature enough to figure out places to hide it, then you probably shouldn’t be drinking.

All my life I’ve had a tool box in my closet that I have a lock on. When I started drinking [age 18] I would hide stuff in there.


it’s like impossible to set alch on fire that’s like anything cept 151.


It was cheap vodka, probably 90 proof. He put it in the iron and steamed that sh*t up a bit. A conflagration occurred.


Put bottles in brown paper bags, put bags in the back of closet, take out when needed.

Like someone else said, if you think for yourself on a good hiding place maybe you aren’t smart enough to drink.

I’m 22 and I drive a 94 Buick Century; as far as sound systems old cars with Delco’s are nice. Also riding on a spare tire till I get it fixed tomorrow.