I thought I’d make a thread to show my love for smoothies. I’m not sure where it will go but whatever. They’re delicious so it doesn’t matter. This board needs some action too, so I believe it is my duty as Grand Jedi Master of the Republic of Michigan to give it some.

According to Paul Vandersteen, Chris Derrick and I are the kings of the smoothie. This is amazing because my talents for making smoothies is finally recognized and Im considered to be on the same level as Chris at something. My life’s dream has been accomplished.

Soooooo I just made a smoothie… and its amazing…


The name of the place or smoothie leaves my mind right now but I had a banana, peanut butter, caramel, chocolate smoothie the other day and it was DELICIOUS


Wish where I live in Michigan had Jamba Juice :frowning:




NO!!! My heart weeps for you, my friend. Are there any Robek’s near you?


Mmmm… and now I finished a recovery shake… so incredibly delicious…


Just had a banana, mango, strawberry, and cotton candy go-gurt shake for breakfast


Dude, that is sweet!!! Where in earth did you find such a delicious blend?


the ingredients were in my fridge haha


That actually sounds really delicious! Imma go make my favorite Smoothie now. I’ll post the recipe in a little bit