Slow Start?


With only one week to go in the indoor season, we seem to be off to a pretty slow start in the distance events. Only 1 runner under 2:00, only 5 under 4:30, and only 7 under 9:45 (with only 2 under 9:40). We have a couple of big meets this week with indoor conference meets and TFA on Saturday, but times seem to be much slower this year than previous seasons. In the end, it wont matter so long as people are ready at the end but the indoor season marks dont seem to indicate that we are going to see a lot of fast times by the end of the season. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why things seem to be slower this season?


Compared to last year at least, I really don’t think the times have been that slow. The one thing that we’re missing this year is Wardall and Genovesi sweeping up the 800 and 1600. If we compare the top times from the “big” meets so far this season you can see the similarities.

UW Oshkosh Invite:
1600 - 2011 Penzenstadler 4:33 v. 2010 Wardall 4:14 (One exception because Wardall is so damn dominant in the 1600!)
3200 - 2011 Schubert 9:27 v. 2010 Schubert 9:49

Nelson Daniels:
1600 - 2011 Meister 4:24 v. 2010 Paulson 4:23
3200 - 2011 Derner 9:44 v. 2010 Erschen 9:40

Lake Michigan Invite:
1600 - 2011 Bierman 4:25 v. 2010 Luterbach 4:29 (Luterbach then got 6th and 2nd in the 1600 and 3200 at state)
3200 - 2011 Woodford 9:35 v. 2010 Some Illinois kid 9:37 (Top Wisco in 10:05)

Mad West Relays:
1600 - 2011 Sandvold 4:30 v. 2010 Berry 4:34
3200 - 2011 Hacker 9:41 v. Przybelski 9:50 (Hacker went 9:56 there last year then got 4th at state)
4x800 -2011 Mad West 8:07 v. 2010 LaFollete 8:14

I realize what you’re saying in that the top times are not as fast (We’re lacking Wardall and Genovesi) but I think by seasons end we could see some decently fast times in the 3200 and probably the 1600 too. Schubert is a beast and will probably go 9:10 or under, and Meister is a beast and will probably go around 4:12ish - along with Hansen, Sandvold, some other guys…maybe even Bierman or Christianson if the two sophs keep burning track! I’m excited!


Don’t forget about D2 and D3 either. Some solid times there. Also, I think this year more than usual the top guys are holding back or training through indoor season more. Like WhiteBuffalo said, we were spoiled with Wardall in the mile. We can’t expect that on a regular basis. And at least in terms of the 800, don’t forget about the 4x8. Again looking at WhiteBuffalo’s breakdown, 8:14 was the fastest time at this point last year. This year? 8:07.8, 8:09.7, 8:09.9, 8:11.6, 8:12.1, 8:15.7 and 8:15.8. You can’t tell me none of those guys could’ve broken 2 in an open. Also, the top three in the open 8 (Walter 2:01.6, Adamski 2:01.8 and Lack Veeder 2:02.1) all ran in the 4x8. Furthermore, Sandvold came back from a really strong 4x8 to win the mile. With fresh legs, who knows what he could’ve run. TFA guarantees some fast times, especially in the mile (Meister will for sure be sub 4:20 IMO). Basically my point is, I don’t think this year will be weak at all in the distance events. At state I see >1:54 (Mueller and Pigg), >7:50, >4:12, >9:07. At least IMO.


Though we are missing Allie’s 10:17y from Oregon, how about this!?

EDIT for Figi’s accuracy. This looks right:

McMiller’s and Seidel’s marks are from the 10-lap/mile indoor tracks. That definitely sticks out to me as “fast”.


things have been a little slower than the past few years. one guy above mentions all the big meets, but fast times dont have to be run at big meets. 2 years ago agnew and luterbach went 9:30 and 9:32 at nelson daniels. brill broke 930, storkel and garrett kerska were 9:37/9:38, and ross solo’d 9:35. then most of those guys broke out at tfa in the mile. last year mckenna and heck went low 9:30’s, erschen and luterbach were 9:40, and a few more around there. this year isnt bad by any means. just not as deep up front as it has been the past 2 years. people will still run fast, no worries. tfa should be a good start for that.

calling schubert for the win in the 1600 (if he runs it)


Lori Walter’s 10:15 was at the state meet she actually ran 10:12 at a small meet, doubling back from a 4:45 mile


Does anyone have real/verifiable info about Jalen Gillie, and why he hasn’t competed thus far in the hs season?