Slamming state meet?


Hey, I was debating with another team-mate of mine of how many times in all of xc history that a team has slammed a state meet. Does anyone know?


wtf is slamming a state meet


i think perhaps he means sweeping like 12345 or something


I think it means showing up drunk.


Is this getting first for both girls and boys teams and having both individual winners?


at first i thought it could have been jersey shore lingo, so like slamming every dime piece at the state meet


I slammed the OP’s mom at the state meet.


If you wanted a serious answer, I think the PG was the wrong place to come…


york in illinois?
christian brothers academy in nj?

it’ll take a while to search, if you look at all divisions

I’ve never heard it called “slamming” a meet to go 1-5 though:confused:


york has come close but I dont think they have gotten 1-5

At first when I was reading this I felt like a noob for not knowing what “slamming” meant lol


I’m pretty sure you were looking for the word “sweep”

Also, I am going to say that I highly doubt York has ever done it in Illinois. Even though they are a consistent powerhouse, it is hard to believe (note: not impossible, I haven’t researched it) that any team could ever sweep the top division in Illinois with the large amount of talent that is always floating around the state.


if you mean sweep, fm swept the ny girls state meet last year


The year they won NTN, they went 1-2-3 at the state meet.


I’m pretty sure York’s lowest score ever is 24 points.

EDIT: Just looked it up. In 1999 York scored 24 points. The lowest ever in Illinois for boys was in 1951 Urbana H.S scored 21 points.


From what I have researched:

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Yeah, but you need 1-2-3-4-5 to slam.




its actually the opposite of what you think, you are no n00b


The FM girls are studs


I imagine Tatnall DE has been close to doing it if they have never actually accomplished that feat.

Edit: They did it in 2008. 1-5, 7, 10