Skin #1:
Comments: Silver and black. Looks brighter which is what some members wanted, a lighter forum.

Skin #2

NEW Skin #3

More coming very soon.

note- If you don’t like any of these, that’s ok. I’m just getting out some skins to see what colors/set up you like. Tell me what you like about any of these skins and then I will continue to look for the certain kind.



Those all really hurt my face. I like this more than any of those skins.


skin 2 is ok, the rest kinda suck.


Yes, I agree. Basically I just found the the first skins and posted them. So what I get from everyone is: light skin, light grey, black, and white. Similiar to dyestat, light on the eyes.

Good, thank you.
edit: I know these all suck bad, just bear with me. We need to get through the bad skins before we know what we want. Then we can find some common ground and pick a good one.


everyone is gonna like different skins so make it an option to choose. I’m also happy to help design logos and such, I’m pretty good.


Well once we narrow down some good skins 3-5, then we will have a poll.


Originally posted by Administrator@Apr 13 2010, 01:23 PM
Well once we narrow down some good skins 3-5, then we will have a poll.

no just set it up so each person can use 1 of like 6 skins… not hard to do, that way everyone is happy.


Yes, that is what we planned on doing. But we’re talking abou the ‘default’ skin. We’re voting on the default. The ‘runner up’s’ will still be useable.


honestly, I like the current skin and I’d leave it as my default, given the choice.
it’s certainly better than the others that have been suggested and it reminds me of the old 'stat.


IHow about grey and blue?