Video/Story on the Rosas



Joe Lanz is lightning on the keyboard … beat me to it.

Really well done I thought. The article was great and the video was really cool. Nice to see Casey Dalrymple get some face time. Casey was one of our greatest ever success stories. Improving from 11 minutes and change as a freshman to 9:31 so far.

And how about the (as Bennett would say) “handsome” and bearded coach Gould? HOLY EYEBROWS!!!


job VERY well done.


ps … you still have work to be done to catch the always underappreciated Pat Monteferrat and Joe Lanz at


eyebrows? I always thought they were caterpillars!!! Excellent video- I always wonder how well an identical twin would fair had they not been a twin. I would probably be finishing a double shift at Denny’s had I not had a twin. I always say I would love to be able to hate those darn Rosa’s. However, if one appreciates what it takes to get to the very top of our sport you can do nothing but admire them- great kids- they will be missed.