Should Webb focus on 10000?


Here is a list of Alan Webb’s lifetime bests:

800m          1:43.84     Heusden-Zolder (BEL)     2007-28-07
800m ind.     1:51.91     Blacksburg (USA)         2012-03-02
1000m         2:20.32     New York (USA)           2005-11-06
1000m ind.    2:23.61     Fairfax (USA)            2003-23-02
1500m         3:30.54     Paris (FRA)              2007-06-07
1500m ind.    3:44.45     Boston (USA)             2003-01-03
Mile          3:46.91     Brasschaat (BEL)         2007-21-07
Mile ind.     3:55.18     Boston (USA)             2007-27-01
3000m ind.    7:47.19     Boston (USA)             2005-28-01
2 Miles       8:11.48     Eugene (USA)             2005-04-06
5000m        13:10.86     Berlin (GER)             2005-04-09
10,000m      27:34.72     Palo Alto (USA)          2006-30-04
Mile Road     3:51.4h     New York (USA)           2005-24-09
5 km Road       13:36     San José (USA)           2010-25-11
10 Miles Road   49:23     St. Paul (USA)           2012-07-10

In 2006, long time rivals Alan Webb and Dathan Ritzenhein, both members of the epic Big Three class of 2001, battled it out at the Cardinal Invitational and ran the then 4th and 5th fastest times in US 10000m history. Even by today’s standards 27:34.72 is still a great time but perhaps only the 15th or so best in [URL=“”]US History now. As he’s getting into shape again would it be a bad idea for him to consider this move?

Had his career been consistent I’d have said his focus should have been 1500/Mile in 2004 and 2008, 5000 for 2012 and 10000 for 2016.


In the long term, I think yes. However he’s missed way to much time to be competitive 10km ready for this year.



He needs to race as much as he can tolerate, and moving to the 10,000 would limit the number of races he could run this season. And there’s no way he’d be competitive anyway. 5 is just fine for him right now, with the goal of getting as close to 13:20 as possible by seasons end. If he could go in to next year with 13:20-13:25 fitness, he stands a chance of getting near 13:10-13:15 next year, assuming, of course, that he stays healthy.

I’d throw in a couple of 15s as well, if for no other reason than to sharpen for the 5.


Although I don’t think he should move to the 10000 as his main event for good. I think his best shot for Moscow would be the 10k if he could get the A which is sort of doubtful but whatever. The 5k is stacked the 10 only has one lock in my opinion.

The only reason I’m saying this is because I’m pretty sure his goal is to make the team, if he just wants to progress and wait until the next WCH in 2015 then I’d stay at the 5/1500 as zat said.


Zat has this right 100%

There is not that much youi can do, we are all arm chair QBs, the guy has run well enough, someone should tell him that

You left out another 3:48.x mile, not so easy


There is this whole thing about earning a living mixed in to the equation. Maybe Webb is enough of a draw to draw a paycheck what ever path he choses, maybe… maybe one offers more of a potential performance $ upside and one offers another couple of years with a high Q based salary but a bit less financial upside.
But what ever don’t discount the money count part of the game.


Rupp will whip him up into shape.


Do we have any sort of idea of what AW is making these days? Is he even under contract? I assume with him in the Northwest he is at least getting some Nike support …



No idea on figures, but he’s in the newest Nike kit and is in Schumacher’s group, so he’s got a Nike contract.