Shore Conference


Pretty remarkable that Ajee graduates and then Neptune wins their first Shore Conference title in 20 years breaking Southern’s 6 year string.

No surprise on the boys side.

No one even asking “where are the Shore Conference results” on here. Wow.

As far as I know the only place on the net that has the results is here:


A little more readable (16 pages) PDF file
Hopefully NJRunners will get the correct format from Meet Management to post and add to data base before Sectional seeding cut-off.

Shore Conf. Results (PDF)


At least two more Wilson girls listed in Neptune results. Any relation?



See below. I believe she is a junior. I think I remember her as a frosh and Ajee as senior running the 4 X 400.

"She’s (Wilson) been a competing track athlete since age 9. She’s long been “traveling the circuit.” And one of the biggest things she’s learned is not to look too far beyond her next scheduled race. Yes, Ajee’ Wilson surely knows that she’s in an anything-can-happen, and often-will kind of sport. It’s always been a step-by-step process.

 “When I was real young, my mom (Mrs. Tonya Wilson, herself a former track standout at Asbury Park High School and Trenton State College) put us in a bunch of different sports, just to keep us active,” she tells you in a trackside interview at Neptune’s track stadium.

  “My dad, Zach Wilson, was an athlete, too. He ran track, played football and baseball, did a lot of different things.

   “As a kid, I tried soccer, softball, basketball, but soccer was really my favorite. We never really thought about track. [B]But then my (younger) sister, Brietta,[/B] just decided to do track and I guess that started us all off".


It seems curious that the Ocean and Monmouth County results would be so strong and somehow the conference that combines the two yields results that are underwhelming in relation. Maybe some disappointment from those who expect the Shore Conference to be the standard bearer of NJ track in terms of strength from one league. Nonetheless, still a great conference.


The Shore Conf is sort of a let down meet for a number of reasons.

It’s sandwiched in between the post-penn meets (county) where fitness carries over and the state qualifying meets where athletes will run lots of races to help the team.

Few athletes double, and those that run often choose “off” events as a tune up for the state meet. Furthermore, entries are limited, eliminating the all-skate - which provides the depth you need to see large number of great performances.


I’m amazed and impressed with the post-Ajee Neptune girls’ team. One great indicator of some really good coaching and teamwork is the 4x400. I don’t see a consistent sub-60 open 400m girl on the team, but they consistently run sub 4:00 in the 4x400 and often run sub 3:55. That is very impressive to me.

A. Wilson is a hurdler but is not related to Ajee at all.

The Shore Conference results seem to have been negatively affected this year by athletes choosing to go to prom or as has been mentioned, not doubling up.

It’s a strange year indeed, especially on the girls’ side in the post Ajee, post Jill Smith/Chelsea Cox etc. years.