Shore Conference Championships


Tomorrow (10/30) @ Ocean County Park.
NJRunners will be on-site with coverage

Shore Conference Championships Meet Page


Course Records by
Mike Mazzaccaro and Molly McNamara
Full results will be posted


Molly McNamara blew the field away. Very impressive run.

Very cold for the frosh races. Fortunately it warmed up as the morning went on.

#4 full results. Videos too


What a spectacular meet. CBA beats their own single race team record by running 1:17:43 (15:32.6). Mazz beats Forys record. Molly Mac beats Jill Smiths record and all 5 RBC girls under 19:00 to beat the single race team record held by Colts Neck (a team that had Higginson and Bri J). Congrats to ALL who participated

OCP Records


If you look at this whole thing it is hard not to be amazed by this showing by CBA

They avg 15:32, you can probably add anywhere from 35-45 depending on level of runners

Mazz gets CR and some good guys have run this course for sure i.e. Craig Forys probably crusing. Bryan Spoonire etc(courtesy of Decaf)

They have all top 7 guys at or under a 16:40’s Holmdel conversion, really good stuff

JV goes 1-2-3-4-5 and avgs 16:21 good for 6th In Varsity Race I think

Great Jobs by Coach Heath and Coach Bennett


Mazz 4:09 and 9:02 as a junior, one of those pretty good guys. Have to figure him, Pearson seem to be rounding into shape to run 15:30 +/-. Many others will be 15:something, as well.



Forys won by :22 seconds over Carle on '06. I was there but don’t remember how much he was on cruise control.


I was there and it was vintage. Kris (or Chris) ran hard and well but Forys would have been tough for anyone that day.


22 or .22


or any day that season.


was it .22 or 22 seconds, I hardly would think a 22 second margin would be pedal to the metal


22… 15:05 to 15:27


what are you talking about then, come on, he was barely pushed if he won by 22 seconds

That is not even close


It wasn’t. He tried a little different approach that day if I recall correctly and went out hard, a little too hard, and then cruised the rest of the way.


Like I said probably under control

consider the gap between that run and the usual course adjustment and his time at Holdel weeks later, only ten slower

which means this was about a 15:40 Holmdel type effort by him at that point, well within his capabilities

It does not matter, I would look for Mike Mazzacaro to run very fast at Holmdel in 3 weeks


Mazz doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention but he sure is good. It’s in the bloodlines - his uncle was the 3/4 leg on Paramus Catholic’s 10:09.9 DMR in 1977.


In almost any other year a 4:09/9:02 and now this run, would be a complete chalk pick for title

Look how the state is now, absurd.

Guys like Rono even, a 1:52.x/4:14 guy is barely in discussions except in his own County

Morgan Pearson would drum up a ton of hype in any other year pre Forys

Elkhaim who is an 8:46 3200M runner and 15:33 out of the box, is not even a clear favorite for MOC title

O Dowd a fine runner, I believe he ran the same mark today as Spoonire and was ten seconds back for goddness sakes

Just nuts


Mazz probably may have had an 8:5something in him…MoC race was tough on the rest of the field…nice and even through a mile, then 64’s from Joe Rosa. Could have the tendency to put the hurt on people and leave them stranded.

Forys also ran 15:30ish at Groups that year (somebody else has better details) kind of going out hard after record. Worked out better the next week when he rolled from 2-miles.



I think it was 15:31 because it was ridiculously hot for a mid-november morning